Re: Beaulieu 5008S / double system sound

From: Jay (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2006 - 06:32:51 PDT

There was a site at, which
offered Super 8 post-striping. It had a lot of
information on double system sound for super 8.
Unfortunately, the URL is for some other site.
Perhaps the authors of the current site are connected
to the original s8 cinema guys.

Less than a year ago, the s8 cinema guy posted on
alt.movies.cinematography.super8 saying that he wanted
to sell the business. He had originally bought his
equipment from a Paul Yost.

They also hyped the supermag400, a way of putting a
400' mag on super 8 cameras. There were a lot of
links from super8cinema. Perhaps the
people may know what happened.

Additionally, you may want to check out They seem to have
a lot of stripe and hard to find things like that.

Hope this helps,


--- Jeff Kreines <email suppressed> wrote:

> On Jun 20, 2006, at 2:09 AM, email suppressed wrote:
> > I doon't have that kind of free time. It sounds
> like you are saying
> > that a crystal control unit is not necessary if
> using a Beaulieu or
> > a Nizo or the high end Canon cameras, yes?
> I didn't see who said that, but it's nonsense.
> You need a crystal -- Super8 Sound (the old company,
> in Cambridge,
> MA) made one.
> As someone who suffered through S8 Sync at MIT in
> the early 70s, I
> wouldn't wish it on anyone. S8 is great, but the
> cameras are noisy,
> non-crystal, etc. It's a kludge.
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> <email suppressed>.

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