Re: projecting outdoors

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 19 2006 - 09:36:28 PDT

14 feet is not too hard for 16mm but two stories sounds wider !

Do you have a budget for this ?

  4K video projectors ? Well aside from Sony prototypes, I don't
think so..


> My guess is you would probably want at least a 4K video projector
> and a 16mm projector with a xenon lamphouse. An initially less
> expensive 16mm unit would be one using the old fashioned mini-arc
> or MARC 350 lamps. These indeed do put out an impressive amount of
> light (I've projected mine in excess of 100 feet with a bright,
> nice 14-foot wide image) but the lamps themselves have a relatively
> short life and are quite expensive.
> Ed
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>> From: Andy Ditzler <email suppressed>
>> I'm considering doing an outdoor program this fall, with the
>> possibility
>> of projecting onto the side of a building, with an image perhaps a
>> couple of stories high. Does anyone on the list have experience with
>> large outdoor projections? Is it possible to do this with normal
>> video
>> and 16mm film projectors, perhaps with different lenses, or would
>> more
>> heavy-duty equipment be required?
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