EXP24 Call for entries: Leeds UK film event

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jun 16 2006 - 00:53:10 PDT

Hiya everybody!

At the Leeds evoluton event (which I'm sure you all
know about, if not check out http://www.lumen.org.uk/)
I met many nice people, some of them on this list

Some of the nice people I met were actually from Leeds
and since the event have become really excited by
experimental film and even film itself (you know the
funny plasticky stuff with holes in it that comes on
reels) and so it kind of came about that we got
together to form a sort of collective thing.

Now we are putting on this event. It's not a big event
on the scale of evolution but we hope it will still be
special and a lot of fun. On the upside, one of our
number has managed to get our night advertised in the
Leeds film quarter brochure which goes out to
thousands of people who are interested in film in the
Leeds area!

As you can see there isn't much time till the deadline
(6th July) or till the event itself! This worries me
quite a bit actually but I don't like to say so
because my friends are all so enthusiastic and really
believe in what they are doing, and I often say that
you can do incredible things sometimes when you don't
realise that what you are trying to do is impossible.

I hope filmakers here can help and send something that
we could screen at our event. It doesn't have to be
your latest and greatest work, perhaps you even have a
film or video that has languished for no very good
reason, but that you like a lot, heres your chance to
submit it. I note that it says nothing about work
having to be made in the last 2 years or anything like
that, that you come across in many festival rules.

...and of course it is in Europe, so there are no
entry fees. :)

You will note there is a bit of a bias towards film as
opposed to video, but we will also have video
projection facilities and would love to see video
based works too!

Any help is much appreciated!

There is a submission form at:


or you can download it from our myspace at:


Don't get too bogged down with the application
It's not that big of a deal, if you feel stuck just do
your best. I know I often get as far as the bit that
says "describe your film" and then tend to go to
pieces and give up. We've tried to make our form
easier becausse, you know, it's about the work, not
about the paper work! ;)

Please feel free to ask me questions. I've added the
call for entries details below. I hope I havn't made
this mail too long and scared you all!




Event: EXP24 film evening

Date: Saturday 15th July

Time: 7pm - midnight

Venue: Brudenell Social Club

Cost: £3 on the door

Deadline: Thursday 6th July


EXP24 in association with Short Circuits, are holding
a late afternoon/evening film event on Saturday 15th
July 2006 at the Brudenell Social Club, Queens Road,
Leeds, and we are looking for film submissions. The
event will run from 7pm until midnight, and we will be
showcasing the most experimental, different,
interesting, diverse, provocative, fun, shocking, and
avant-garde film we can get our hands on! There is
also going to be music from LIMA amongst others. We
don’t have much time to lose, and the deadline for
submissions is Thursday 6th July.

We can cater for Mini DV, Beta SP, DVD, Super 8,
Standard 8 and 16mm film, as well as slide projectors.
Whatever the media, we want to see it and show it to
Leeds! If you don’t want to send us actual film in the
post, eg Super 8, please send us a preview copy of
your work in VHS, DVD or Mini DV format. We will
contact you to arrange transport of the actual film
format nearer the event.

The evening’s entertainment will be largely provided
by film, and musicians will be improvising alongside
some of the films. If your film already has sound, or
you feel it would work better as a silent piece, just
indicate this on the submission form. We will also be
showing Short Circuits’ film reel, and there will be
film installations, as well as a 1 hour “freedom slot”
where you can bring along anything at all and have it
screened on the night. Whatever footage you have,
bring it along and the musicians will breathe new life
into it.

EXP24 is a Leeds-based, not-for-profit, experimental
film collective. We met over the course of Lumen’s
brilliant “Evolution” experimental and avant-garde
Film Festival in April, and all agreed that Leeds is
in dire need of more film culture, so we decided to
start up a regular evening to support the filmmaking
community that exists in Leeds, creating an atmosphere
where people can show their films, share ideas, be
inspired, and learn how to do it themselves. Not
forgetting, of course, that it’s going to be a really,
really enjoyable way to spend a fine summer’s evening!

EXP24 is not only sponsored by Short Circuits, but
will also form a part of the Leeds Film Quarter
programme, which is a year-round programme of diverse
and challenging cinema.

There really is no restriction on film content you can
send in, so be as experimental and risqué as you like,
and please let people know about us and our night. If
you have some ideas about showcasing your work
differently, for example as an installation or as part
of a performance, just get in touch and we’ll see what
we can arrange.

But please, send in your submissions as soon as you
can, because the 15th of July draws ever closer!
Submissions form attached.

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