Sherwin in Paris

From: deke dusinberre (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jun 11 2006 - 23:38:47 PDT

For any Frameworkers in Paris (not Texas) who haven’t already seen my
post on Nyctalope, a piece of advice: skip the France vs. Switzerland
soccer game on Tuesday night and catch Guy Sherwin’s double screening
at Scratch. It should be an “historic” evening in every sense of the
term. His work is far too little known—he was a pivotal figure at the
London Film-Coop in the 1970s, an active contributor to the British
school of expanded cinema (cf. the recent discussion of Annabel
Nicolson’s “Reel Time”), and has been quietly making films ever since.
The almost child-like gaze he brings to moving pictures (and sounds)
slowly yields subtle, zen-like revelations.
I don’t know how he will re-enact (or update) such key early works as
“Paper Landscape” (1975) and “Man with Mirror” (1976), but it will
certainly be worth a trip to Les Voûtes to find out.

[Disclosure statement: Guy is an old friend from my London days, so
this plug may lack a certain objectivity--but I’ll still stake my
critical reputation on his work.]

Deke Dusinberre
PS: College grads welcome.

Practical details:
Scratch Projection, Tuesday June 13th. 8pm ‘til late
Les Voûtes
19 rue des Frigos
75013 Paris

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Tel: (33-1) / Fax (33-1)

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