Poetique de la Couleur

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1. The piece listed as: "Jordan Belson - Le Lumigraph d'Oskar Fischinger"
isn't actually an article, P. de la Couleur simply used a short 2 paragraph excerpt from Belson's testimonial statement on Fischinger, which can be found in William Moritz's Optical Poetry (2004), available on amazon.com or through John Libbey (UK) or Indiana Univ. Press (US).

2. Moritz's Musique chromatique - Cinéma intégral is online at

3. Fischinger's article can be found in English or German through Fischinger Archive or Center for Visual Music. Though not online now, it will be in the near future.

4. The Ruttman piece may be his "Farbfilm" in Walter Ruttmann: Eine Dokumentation, Jeanpaul Goergen, Ed. (Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek), ISBN 3-927876-00-3

5. Lye, "Voice and Colour" - Life and Letters Today, XIV (Spring 1936), p. 164-169

6. From Lye's bibliography which appears in Bouhours & Horrock's "Len Lye" (Center Pompidou), ISBN 2-84426-034-9:
"Experiment in Colour," World Film News, December 1936, p 33
"Notes on a Short Colour Film," Life and Letters Today XV (1936)
"The Man who was Colourblind," Sight and Sound IX (Spring), 1940, p 6-7

The Lye 1937 piece in Poetique dlC does not appear by that title in that Lye bibliography, of Ecrits de Len Lye.

Typo noted: yann beauvais' first name is spelled with only 2 n's

Cindy Keefer
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