Re: Auder, Oursler, Van Sant & more photos & negatives on ebay

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2006 - 16:47:13 PDT

generally people who will fuck someone just because they are stars
but used widely to remark on people that would step and fetch for someone
just because they are 'stars' and buys into the idea that others are
'better' than them onaccounta' they have been paid to be put on celluloid
but could also branch into our avant garde hierarchy
(as i recall seeing footage of andy w. at the mayors mansion
- i say no more)
umn sick people kinda like sick like you were but can't get better
sorry u were sick


On 6/6/06, Freya <email suppressed> wrote:
> I don't know what star f****** are???

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