Philadelphia Classic Avant-Garde Animation Screening Friday 6/9 8PM

From: Jesse Dubus (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 05 2006 - 09:20:33 PDT

Dear Frameworkers,

Thanks to everyone who responded to my booking query several weeks ago. I
was able to convince our collaborators to go with 16mm projection for the
screening so, happily, we will present every short on film.

The show is on Friday at 8PM at the Franklin Institute's Stearns
Auditorium. Admission is $8. For information about this show and the rest
of the weekly animation festival, please go to:

Pushing the Envelope: Animation Innovations

Featuring films by animation luminaries from a century of cinema, this
program presents shorts that opened new technical and stylistic territories,
directly inspiring films such as *Fantasia* and making the psychedelic
special effects of *2001* possible. Alexander Alexeieff's "animated
engravings," Len Lye's camera-less cinema, and John Whitney's
ground-breaking use of computers are all represented in a survey of some of
the most cutting-edge films ever made. Also features films by Oskar
Fischinger, Robert Breer, Hans Richter and Viking Eggeling.

Film List:

Muratti Gets Into the Act - Oskar Fischinger

Radio Dynamics Fischinger

Motion Painting 1 Fischinger

Color Cry - Len Lye

Particles in Space - Len Lye

Tal Farlow - Len Lye

Free Radicals - Len Lye

A Man and His Dog Out for Air - Robert Breer

Fuji - Robert Breer

Bang! - Robert Breer

Night on Bald Mountain - Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker

The Nose - Alexeieff and Parker

Alexeieff at the Pinboard Alexeieff and Parker

Symphonie Diagonale - Viking Eggeling

Rhythmus 21 - Hans Richter

Catalog - John Whitney - 7m



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