Kurt Ralske / Monday June 5 / Location One

From: auvi (email suppressed)
Date: Wed May 31 2006 - 19:02:33 PDT

Kurt Ralske :
video presentation "Atemporal Etudes"

Monday June 5
8:30 pm
Location One
20 Greene Street (between Canal and Grand Streets)

"Atemporal Etudes" are products of Kurt Ralske's research into time.
Video, treated as a collection of randomly accessible still images,
can display an impossible simultaneity of past and future. Motion and
rest are separated, isolated, and their relationship inverted.

The impulse to stop time is connected with sentimentality, nostalgia,
and magical thinking.
It is a common response to the universally human experience of loss
and mortality.

Video: Kurt Ralske
Texts by: William S. Burroughs, C.S.Lewis

Reservations/Tickets: 212.219.8242
Admission: $15
Location One, Harvestworks and DTW members, Students & Seniors: $10
Roulette members: free.

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