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From: Steve Polta (email suppressed)
Date: Wed May 31 2006 - 11:00:09 PDT

Ken Paul speaks the truth.

collaborative series produced by San Francisco
Cinematheque and the Museum of Modern Art (NY),
curated by Steve Anker and Jytte Jensen. It screened
on a mostly weekly basis at MoMA from Feb. 6, 1998
thru April 26, 2001 (although a strike at MoMA
suspended the series for several months, and they may
have taken summers off). There were a total of 76
programs, with at least 150 artists represented.
(There were related screenings from the series
presented in San Francisco and Berkeley as well.)

At the commencement of the series, a publication of
the same title was published to accompany the series.
The book contains essays, manifestoes, etc., including
a piece of writing by Mr. Ken Paul himself. Also
included are some artist bios, filmographies and a
*projected* programming schedule. The table of
contents of this book is viewable at
It is available for purchase, from Cinematheque, at Some
of the writings have been reprinted elsewhere and may
be available on line but I couldn't tell you where.

At the conclusion of the series, Cinematheque and MoMA
produced a set of two posters documenting the series.
One half of the set is a single-sided full color
poster listing the names of all participants and
includes reproduced strips of perhaps 30 films. The
second half of the set is a two-sided document which
details every screening in the series, including all
films and filmmakers. This is the *only* comprehensive
record of these screenings as they actually were
presented (i.e. the projected program published in the
catalog was hugely elaborated on and developed; also,
the composition of the screenings frequently was
improvised by curators and participants). This poster
set, while (embarrassingly) not listed on
Cinematheque's website, is also available for
purchase. Please email email suppressed for

glad to get the word out...

steve polta
san francisco cinematheque

--- Ken Paul Rosenthal <email suppressed>

> Sanna,
> You can look into getting a list of the films (and
> filmmakers) shown as part
> of "Big as Life" show thru the San Francisco
> Cinematheque. The catalogue not
> only features an index of the makers/films screened
> over the 2-year
> retrospective, but features many informative and
> beautifully written essays.
> Ken
> For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at
> <email suppressed>.

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