Japanese New Wave

From: Mike White (email suppressed)
Date: Sun May 28 2006 - 11:26:33 PDT

Just an update on this project:


> Some friends of mine and I are attempting to re-subtitle bevy of
> Japanese New Wave / ATG titles -- they're slowly being released
> on DVD
> in Japan and the occasional subtitled print turns up on video.
> We've
> been taking the subs from the old VHS and adding them to the new
> prints
> in order to create pristine versions.
> I know it sounds like a dumb hobby, but it's so nice to see these
> films
> with legible English!
> That said, we've been hunting down subtitled movies by Oshima,
> Masumura, Imamura, Shinoda, Teshigahara, Terayama, etc. If anyone
> has
> any flicks they'd like to donate to the cause, please let me
> know.
> So far we've done DEATH BY HANGING and PASTORAL: TO DIE IN
> COUNTRY with
> more on the way.
> - Mike White

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