Re: B/W processing and printing (MovieLab)

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Sat May 27 2006 - 15:17:37 PDT

> ive switched to Movielab several years ago. never used
> them for b/w, but normal processing of color neg,
> workprinting and answer printing. they do good work
> with easy access and friendly, which is also important
> to me. ive had movielab do a few crossprocessing
> projects with proper results and they accommodate my
> special "odd" request. so, ive been quite pleased
> with the quality, timing, and pricing.

Good to know, thanks. Hopefully someone responds who has done B/W with

> i noticed DuArt is not on the list. are they still
> around? used to use Duart for b/w.

DuArt does black and white....but I don't know what their services are nor
their prices. The website is not very helpful...I need to give them a


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