Re: B/W processing and printing (Cine Lab)

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Sat May 27 2006 - 11:44:07 PDT

> as for rates...the 35 cents a foot price is actually for process and a
> TIMED print... you can have an overall best light print for the 30 cent
> rate.

Thanks for the clarification...I pulled the prices directly from the rate
sheet on the Cine Lab website, which read .30 one and .35 best (including

As far as prices go, I think Cine Lab has comparatively good prices.

> daily prints are struck on a b&h model c.. but there's also a wet gate
> printer that we use for answer printing.

Alpha Cine (in Seattle) does work prints on a model C as well. I've not
understood this....and I think Forde use to print everything on their
fancy contact printer for answer prints....the model C seems to show a lot
of play in the prints (weaving and vertical bounce). I think this is
partially because the film runs through at one cannot
be slowed down which is necessary in order not to produce movement in the
printed image.

I've done reg tests with all my cameras and projected the originals and
know that my projector is not introducing the image movement. When I work
printed at Forde I never got this kind of movement in my that
I'm doing prints on a model C I see movement...more than I'm happy with.

Tell me, have you noticed this with the B&H model C at Cine Lab? You would
likely only be able to tell with long takes shot on a locked off tripod.


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