Re: follow up on sonic splicing of acetate base film. - contact printer

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Fri May 26 2006 - 13:40:51 PDT

--- Adrian Tagmenveca <email suppressed> wrote:

> It's a Metric Splicer Company Model 3001 Ultrasonic
> Splicer. But heeding Bill's warnings about the

You know someones a real film fanatic when they can
name all the different models of splicer and tell you
what colour they are etc! ;)

> eventual problems I'll encounter (which make sense),
> I'll just wait a while till I can buy a gullotine
> splicer to do some major cutting. But thanks again
> for all the advice, and expect to hear from me again
> when I start experimenting using the microfilm
> silver copier to make prints for myself... this is
> fun.

You too have a microfilm contact printer?!!!

I found one in the rubbish a while back and someone in
the list talked me into grabbing it and I'm really
glad that they did as the idea of one day making
prints on it is one of the things that keeps me going!

Have you come up with a solution to the lack of
sprockets yet? Or does your printer work with micro
film with sprockets? I think there was such stuff
made, but of course I could be wrong!



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