Make-Out Club #2 (another thing to do in Chicago this Friday)

From: Jodie Mack (email suppressed)
Date: Wed May 17 2006 - 09:23:50 PDT

What can I say, folks? Chicago is one happenin' place:

Friday, May 19 @ the Ice Factory
526 N. Ashland (Ashland and Grand; Ashland green line/Division Blue Line)
7:30 p.m.

Make-Out Club 2!

Come one, come all—prepared for astonishment, too—to watch some of the
latest glorious films and videos of SAIC’s graduate students in film, video,
and new media. The work, as you’ll come to find out, represents a
cross-section of the vast diversity of the department’s moving-image
interests. From found-footage cultural critiques, to city portraits, to
animated shorts, to multi-channel installations-turned-videos, you’re sure
to find a piece that’s right up your cinematic alley.
The program features work by:
Melika Bass
Lori Felker
Nina Foufa
Mark Gallay and Noe Kidder
Kyung Woo Han
Sean Kang
Chelsea Knight
Emily Kuehn
Jared Larson
Eun Sun Lee
Salone Leng
Jodie Mack
Jun Ho Oh
Samantha Olschan
Ben Popp
Ernest Ramon
Kenny Reed
Chris Royalty

Jeb Bishop and the Engines play music live in front of your very eyes after
the screening. See you there!

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