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Subject: lynne SACHS and mark STREET at MONKEYTOWN
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would you mind terribly forwarding it to frameworks? hope all's well

Please join us!
MOVING IMAGE Performance
Lynne Sachs and Mark Street in collaboration

Thursday, May 25 / 2 screenings 7:30 & 10:00 PM $5

dinner, drinks, images and sounds galore
58 N. 3rd St. btwn Wyatt and Kent
Brooklyn Subway: L train to Bedford in WILLIAMSBURG
http://www.monkeytownhq.com/xy.html 718.384.1369
Two 80 min. screenings Reservations suggested.

An impressionistic odyssey for the eyes becomes both haunting and
delightful in this moving image dream expedition....

In the grand tradition of the Cartesian and chromosomal construct, Lynne
Sachs will take on the X axis video screens in dialogue with Mark
Street’s Ys. Where will we all end up? What depths and heights await
us? Anxiety, serenity and awe mingle and mix as we watch these ephemeral
images. What looks like a tree can quickly turn into a train or
telephone pole or an angry bowl of soup, as our audience hangs on for
dear life. Lynne creates theatrical gestures and tableaux using hands,
toys, a plate of cherry pie, and a miniature of the Empire State
Building (to name a few of the hundreds of objects). Mark produces
photochemically conjured flowers, fishing tackle, and shards of found
film - - all flying by at a variety of speeds in the spirit of a Man Ray
print. His Trailer Trash images (culled from theatrical movie trailers)
hold Hollywood up to a funhouse mirror. Mark and Lynne negotiate the
thin line between representation and abstraction in each second of this
moving image extravaganza.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.