Directors Lounge Special Selection in Poznan PL

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 09 2006 - 15:26:55 PDT

Dear friends,
we are proud to announce:
now showing at
Gallery INNER SPACES in Poznan/ PL

Centrum Sztuki Wspólczesnej
ul. Jackowskiego 5/7
60-508 Poznan

Polish program notes:

First evening: 12.5.2006
at 20:00
André Werner - general program
A choice from the international entries of this
year's Directors Lounge. Presented by one of the
founders of the festival: André Werner.
Daniela Butsch - electronic painting, short & experimental films
With this international selection, Daniela Butsch
shows her concept of electronic painting with
video. The selection will also have an emphasis
on artists whom the artist and curator met during
her stay in China in 2005.

Second evening: 13.05.2006
at 18:00
Klaus W. Eisenlohr - urban research
With the increased dynamic of urban development,
more artists are concerned with urban space as a
theme and issue. This selection shows a range of
new experimental and documentary work of
international artists.
Kim Collmer - forming motion
Forming Motion is a night of animation shorts
collected from around the world. For this series,
animation is depicted as both a connector of
images, and as a reminder of the artificiality
and tedious nature of its construction. Many
artists in this program create a tension between
the flow and the construct. Within their work
there is a focus on texture, line, movement,
light and rhythm and film's ability to contain
life and energy.

The Team Directors Lounge is a collaboration of
artist curators who have independently called for
new work and who have created their own program
as part of Directors Lounge. At the two evenings
at Inner Spaces Gallery, all four curators will
be present and will introduce the selection they
have made for the screening.

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