Re: Documentaries/Other Films on Madness

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Mon May 08 2006 - 09:04:38 PDT

i contacted the cantrills
and he said that there are no copies of "myself when 14"
for screening in the usa
wonder where u saw it
what access u may have


On 3/12/06, Danni Zuvela <email suppressed> wrote:

> Distinguished Australian experimental filmmakers, Arthur and Corinne
> Cantrill, have a son, Ivor, who is autistic. He's also a very talented
> (oil) painter and animator, and made a film called Myself When 14
> (1989):
> "Brightly coloured animated drawings rotoscoped from high contrast
> black and white negative film of Ivor Cantrill aged 14, are integrated
> with the original negative and positive images on an optical printer
> to create patterns of black, white and colour. The film-maker
> reminisces about being 14 and describes the rotoscoping process. Ivor
> Cantrill is autistic, and his attention to detail and his
> preoccupation with repetition are positive aspects of his condition."
> It's special because it's a film _about_ someone with mental illness
> that's also _by_ them - significant in the documentary tradition
> because of its history of authoritarin re-presentation - white folks
> speaking for black folks, 'normal' folks speaking for abnormal, etc.
> And the shimmering colours, optical printing and rotoscoping creates a
> fantastic subject effect that allows those of us without
> (obvious/medicalised) mental conditions to creatively imagine, and
> possibly sympathise with those who do.
> Danni
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