This week [May 7 - 14, 2006] in avant garde cinema

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Date: Sat May 06 2006 - 12:23:43 PDT

This week [May 7 - 14, 2006] in avant garde cinema

"Chris Welsby DVD" by Jill Reading
"SLOW SPACE" by Klaus W. Eisenlohr
"Stadtrandzone Mitte / Center of Urban Periphery" by Klaus W. Eisenlohr
"the fold" by Kim Collmer
"Pod" by Kim Collmer
"Silver Seeds" by Kim Collmer
"Paraíso" by Felipe Guerrero

Florida Atlantic University

NoBudget VideoFilmfestival, Weimar (Weimar, Germany; Deadline: May 15, 2006)
Lake County Film Festival (Libertyville, IL, USA; Deadline: December 20, 2006)
Aurora Picture Show (Houston, TX 77009; Deadline: May 12, 2006)
Pacific Cinémathèque (Vancouver, BC Canada; Deadline: September 01, 2006)
Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema (San Francisco, Ca USA; Deadline: June 15, 2006)
PARIS STRIP FILM FESTIVAL (Paris, France; Deadline: February 26, 2007)
Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (Lausanne, Switzerland; Deadline: May 31, 2006)

25 FPS (Zagreb, Croatia; Deadline: June 01, 2006)
Hull Screen (Hull; Deadline: May 31, 2006)
MadCat Women's International Film Festival (San Francisco, CA; Deadline: May 15, 2006)
Call for filmmaking stories (Toronto, Canada; Deadline: June 01, 2006)
Antimatter Underground Film Festival (Victoria, BC, Canada; Deadline: May 31, 2006)
Perform.Media (Bloomington, IN USA; Deadline: May 15, 2006)
Cinematexas International Short Film Festival (Austin, Texas, USA; Deadline: June 02, 2006)
Reel Venus Film Festival (New York, NY USA; Deadline: May 12, 2006)
Artists' Television Access (San Francisco, CA, USA; Deadline: May 19, 2006)
Chicago International Children's Film Festival (Chicago, IL, USA; Deadline: May 30, 2006)
Experimental Film Festival in Seoul (Seoul. South Korea; Deadline: May 13, 2006)
Atists' Television Access (san francisco, ca, usa; Deadline: May 19, 2006)
Mexico! (Monterrey, NL; Deadline: May 19, 2006)
Distillery (South Boston, ; Deadline: May 19, 2006)
NoBudget VideoFilmfestival, Weimar (Weimar, Germany; Deadline: May 15, 2006)
Aurora Picture Show (Houston, TX 77009; Deadline: May 12, 2006)
Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (Lausanne, Switzerland; Deadline: May 31, 2006)

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 * Artfilmperformance - Synthetic Zero Event [May 7, Bronx, NY]
 * At Home and Abroad [May 7, Houston, Texas]
 * Siting video: New Works From Otis College of Art and Design [May 7, Los Angeles, California]
 * Rebecca Baron [May 7, Portland, Oregon]
 * Aftershocks: Experimental Films, videos, and Animation From Taiwan [May 7, San Francisco, California]
 * Flipped Chips [May 8, Brooklyn, New York]
 * Liu Jiayin "Oxhide" [May 8, Los Angeles, California]
 * Cities Edited In Camera: Super 8 Films By Stephanie Gray (In Person) [May 8, New York, New York]
 * Rebecca Baron [May 8, Portland, Oregon]
 * Team Queen Music video Release Party For Triple Creme [May 10, Brooklyn, New York]
 * Collaborations [May 10, San Francisco, California]
 * Saic Department of Film/Video/New Media Year-End Show [May 11, Chicago, Illinois]
 * The Naked Screening [May 11, Honolulu, HI]
 * Berks Area Film & video Show [May 11, Reading, Pennsylvania]
 * Legendary Light Shows [May 11, San Francisco, California]
 * Kaleidokodascopic: An Orgone Inventory (1918 - 1942) 16mm Films From the
    Orgone Archive (Pittsburgh 13) [May 12, Chicago, Illinois]
 * A Cinema of Physics and Perception - Program 7: Spatial Acrobatics [May 12, Evanston, IL]
 * Streaming Festival {The Hague} [May 12, The Hague]
 * Counter-Corp Kicks Korporate Ass! [May 13, San Francisco, California]
 * The Autofilmography of Fred Mcleod Or the Film You Are Looking For Is Not
    On This Reel ~Plus~ Some Pittsburgh Filmmaking (1959 - 2006) [May 14, Chicago, Illinois]
 * The Short Documentaries of Krzysztof Kieslowski, Part 1 [May 14, Los Angeles, California]
 * Questions Concerning Technology: Experimental Works [May 14, San Francisco, California]

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SUNDAY, MAY 7, 2006

Bronx, NY: Synthetic Zero
7pm, NW corner of Lincoln Ave and Bruckner Blvd, Bronx

  Performances: McCloud Zicmuse - Le Ton Mité amazing one-man band of
  fascinating music (Tribeca show);
  Benoit Maubrey - Audio Ballerinas - sound/dance performance (Bronx on
  Sunday); Imagination Explosion - life-size
  puppetry (All three events); Yoko
  Kikuchi - girl punk rock (Tribeca, possibly also Bronx events); Marianna Ellenberg and Jeremy
  Novak of DYMAXION - live music/multimedia performance (Tribeca only) Experimental Film: Alyse
  Emdur - "We Love Lloyd" - New York, NY; Chris Coleman - "Modern Times";
  Dirian Lyons and Jesse Wilson - "California Excursions"; Jeremy Newman -
  "Paper Cranes" - Princeton, NJ; Joon Sung - "Touch the Strings" -
  Bowling Green, KY; Josh Weinstein - "Cross-Examination" - Brooklyn, NY;
  Meg Duguid - "Clown" - Brooklyn, NY; Lili White - "Cloudgate" -; Luke Lamborn - "square millimeter of opportunity" -
  Syracuse, NY -; Michael Betancourt - "Prima Materia" -
  Des Moines, IA -; Myriam Thyes - "Ascension" -
  Dusseldorf, Germany -; Tristan Pfund - "Vertige" - Geneva,
  Switzerland -; Marianna Ellenberg - "The Psychotropic Alphabet
  from Z to Z" - Brooklyn, NY; Mac McKean - "Head Up" - Brooklyn, NY -; Gigi Ng - "A Hand on the Doorknob of Greatness: The
  Ever-Changing Form of Things" - Boston, MA; Heather Willems - New York,
  NY. Art: Damali Abrams - collage - Queens, NY Mikhail Gubin - paintings
  - New York, NY Nicole Miller - constructions - New York, NY Amy Sinclair
  - installation - New York, NY Dmitry Gubin - paintings - New York, NY - Rowena Dale S. Mohammed - paintings - Bronx, NY - Mike Saijo - paintings - New York, NY Rebecca
  Hackemann - photography - New York, NY - Nora Herting -
  photography - New York, NY - Betty T. Kao - visual art -
  Brooklyn, NY

Houston, Texas: Aurora Picture Show
3pm, 800 Aurora Street, Houston, TX 77009

  Curated by Mark Yzaguirre, 713.868.2101,, $5
  general admission, Free with Aurora All-Access Pass, This program is a
  collection of four documentaries that deal with different aspects of
  American life, from personal recreation to the conduct of foreign
  policy. Lauren Madow's Playground follows a few ordinary kids from New
  York City who make the city their playground. The Bear Hunter by Mary
  Robertson provides an intimate portrait of a Pennsylvania man who, after
  decades of unsuccessful bear hunts, finally meets with success, which
  turns out to not be quite what he expected. It's not my memory of it:
  three recollected documents by Julia Meltzer and David Thorne is a
  documentary about secrecy, memory, and documents which raises questions
  about notions of disappearance and the tenuousness of historical fact in
  the current climate of terror. Last, but certainly not least, Matt
  McCormick's American Nutria gives us a view of the life and history of a
  large rodent species that didn't plan to emigrate to America, but came
  and prospered.

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd.

  The works present a broad spectrum of approaches coming from
  contemporary Los Angeles. This collection of videos spans the range of
  performance to animation, meditative to political, experimental to
  narrative. A complex digital program that reflects the complicated site
  of our city.

Portland, Oregon: Cinema Project
7:30pm, 922 SE Ankeny Street

  Cinema Project is delighted to have Rebecca Baron, a Los Angeles-based
  filmmaker and professor of film and video at the California Arts
  Institute, in Portland to present two evenings of film. Her most recent
  piece, How Little We Know of Our Neighbours, is an experimental
  documentary about Britain's Mass Observation Movement and its
  relationship to contemporary issues regarding surveillance, public
  self-disclosure, and privacy. Balancing conventional documentary
  strategies with forms of narrative this film investigates the multiple
  roles cameras have played in public space. The Idea Of North, based on
  photographs taken a century ago by three polar explorers marooned on an
  ice floe, presents the limitations of images and other forms of record
  as a means of knowing the past. She will also be screening Humphrey
  Jennings' 1939 film Spare Time.

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Cinematheque
7:30pm, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street at Third

  This program is part of San Francisco Cinematheque's PACIFIC RIM series.
  Cinematheque presents a rare showcase of recent experimental media from
  Taiwan introduced and presented by Bay Area filmmaker Anita Chang, who
  has been an artist resident and Fulbright lecturer there for the past
  few years. These works and their techniques reverberate with
  incisiveness, sensitivity, and introspection as they speak to what
  remains for a young democratic stateless nation vulnerable to the whims
  of dominant global economic exploits. Shifting between the lingering and
  fleeting, reconstructed and abandoned, sentiment and satire, they are
  soulful reclamations in the midst of precipitous change and loss. Works
  include: CHEN Chieh-Jen's Factory, Tony Chun-Hui WU's exTAIPEIit, LIN
  Chun-Hua's She says, Mia CHEN's Red-Label Rice Wine, HOU Chi-Jan's
  Stardust 15749001, and Nana WU's Farewell 1999. Presented in Association
  with the Center for Asian American Media. ADMISSION: $8 general, $5
  Cinematheque Members, Seniors, Disabled, Students (w. ID). Advance
  Tickets: 415-978-ARTS

MONDAY, MAY 8, 2006

Brooklyn, New York: Ocularis
8 PM, 70 North 6th Street

  Curated by interdisciplinary artist duo LoVid, Flipped Chips includes
  single channel videos as well as presentations by artists from around
  the world who custom make their own hardware video instruments. Dan
  Sandin, Nam June Paik, Steina and Woody Vasulka, Matthew Schlanger,
  Steve Beck, Jim Wiseman, and Bill Etra represent a generation of
  pioneers who explored video and moving image synthesis. These artists
  developed hardware instruments as technological advancements in an era
  of idealism and utopian views of communication, where video and
  television were regarded as the ultimate new creative medium, able to
  elicit widespread cultural and social change. Tonight their work will be
  shown alongside that of a new generation of artists returning to
  hardware-based video instruments, like Billy Roisz (NTSC), noteNdo, Jon
  Satrom, Paul Slocum, Karl Klomp, Cory Arcangel and Paper Rad, and LoVid.
  Departing from their predecessors, the latter set approaches technology
  with personal and global nostalgia as well as a romantic infatuation
  with the media-generating object. Inspired by noise, extreme music,
  glitch and hacker culture, as well as the fragility, unpredictability,
  and limitations of technology, they choose to work with decades-old
  electronic components for personal aesthetic reasons and as a reaction
  to the dominance of technology and media in mainstream culture. Advance
  tickets available here:

Los Angeles, California: Redcat
8pm, 631 W. 2nd St.

  U.S. premiere China, 2004, 110 min., Beta SP The multiple prize-winning
  feature Niupi (Oxhide) is an extraordinary tour de force by 23-year old
  Liu Jiayin, who shot it (in CinemaScope!) in the 50 square meters of her
  family apartment—playing her own role while her parents played theirs.
  The film, however, is entirely scripted and designed with unflinching
  rigor. Liu staged 23 static shots and kept her small DV camera in
  claustrophobic proximity of her subjects, often showing only parts of
  their bodies with an on-screen conversation. With a sure hand and a
  mundane-yet-lyrical inspiration, Liu reinvents the kammerspiel for the
  one-child families in contemporary China. In person: Liu Jiayin

New York, New York: The Mix Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film Fest Monthly Screening
7:30pm, Collective: Unconscious, 279 Church St. (btwn White & Walker Sts.)

  Super 8er Stephanie Gray shows several new NYC films, with some from
  Buffalo, and a few feminist queer films of female icons/heroines; With
  live musical accompaniment of silent films by experimental musician
  Jeremy Slater; Works to be shown include (possibly a few more surprises
  or requests!); This is My Flushing Film (2006, super8, color & b/w, 7
  min., live sound) World Premiere. The signs are language poetry. So is
  the movement; Hearts in NY (2006, s8, color, 3 min., live music) World
  Premiere. Hearts abound on walls, and streets, and not just the
  Valentines kind; You Know, That Side Street (2006, super8 color & b/w, 7
  min, live music) World Premiere. Everyone's after that something on that
  side street; After Doing My Taxes Around Here (2006, super8, color, 3
  min, live sound) Silver pom pom in trees, how many things do you see
  just standing, looking 360 degrees? One of the wealthiest 'hoods. Ever;
  Governor's Island (2005, Super8, color, 3 min, live sound) What's creepy
  down there anyway? What does the sparkle mean at the end?; I Bought the
  Last 4 Bagels at Jon Vie Pastries (New Year's Eve 2004, b/w & color s8,
  live sound, 7 min) I did. Before it closed. Forever; More Bread Forever
  (2004, b/w, color, s8, live sound, 7 min) I bought some of the last
  bread here, too, before Zito's closed forever and ever on Bleecker; I
  Loved this City. (2000, Super8, color, sound, 3 min, live reading) Yes,
  Buffalo. Don't deconstruct it; Kristy (2003, Super8, sound, b/w, 7 min)
  The incognito real McNichol, deconstructed; Dear Joan (1999, Super8,
  sound, b/w, 3 min, live reading) Yes, the arc one. Never knew her true
  story til I was older. The nuns didn't tell me; Plus a few surprises &
  fun. Maybe door prizes? Maybe bingo like the Super 8 world tour? We'll
  see...TRT...about 1 hr & 15 min.....

Portland, Oregon: Cinema Project
7:30pm, 922 SE Ankeny Street

  Night two of Rebecca Baron's program features her newest video How
  Little We Know of Our Neighbours, along with her 1998 film okay bye-bye.
  The film takes its title from the phrase shouted by Cambodian children
  to the U.S. Ambassador as he fled Phnom Penh in 1975. A film essay that
  combines found Super 8mm footage, photographs, journalistic accounts,
  letters and narration, okay bye-bye explores the relationship of history
  to memory and the effectiveness of using traditional forms to analyze
  the horrors of genocide.


Brooklyn, New York: Team Queen
7:00pm - 10:00pm, Galapagos Art Space 70 N. 6 st. Williamsburg

  You are cordially invited to a gender-bending, fire-breathing,
  burlesque-dancing, post-punk rock 'n roll prom! TEAM QUEEN is the newest
  music video for the queer-post-punk band Triple Creme and stars the best
  of NY burlesque. The release party is hosted by Murray Hill, with live
  performances by: Triple Creme, Julie Atlas Muz, Tigger, Scarlet
  Sinclair, Little Brooklyn, Creamy Stevens, Stuart Palm, Molly Crabapple,
  Miss Ruby Valentine, Clea Cutthroat, Molly the Dolly, Gigi La Femme,
  Cherry Bomb, Kit Kitastrophe, Joey Hardcore, Twitsted Fister,
  ShowroomXS, BalloonHeadz, The Barbarians, and more!

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Art Institute
7PM, 800 Chestnut St

  A program of collaborative works past and current from San Francisco Art
  Institute. Free admission. RENGA (1989, 6 min., 16mm) (Erik Anderson,
  Paul Baker, Nathaniel Dorsky, Kurt Easterwood, Bud Lassiter, Geoffrey
  Luck, John McGeehan, Alan Mukamal, Dena Penniston, Laura Poitras, Kim
  Tempest, Eric S. Theise) From a Grad Seminar taught by Dorsky in 1989.
  More at PANDORA (2005 HDcam), (John
  Alston, Tiffany Doesken, Todd Daniel, Mauricio Ancalmo) A meditation on
  the myth of Pandora's Box. From Brook Hinton's 2005 HD Workshop.
  DOUCHETRONS FROM THE VIDEO STONE AGE (2004, HDcam) (Nate Boyce, Marijke
  Jorritsma, Ben Mahoney, C.Oza) An orgy of digital excess in which
  mysterious beings from the video stone age attempt to make contact with
  each other. From Brook Hinton's 2004 Advanced Digital Practice course.
  THE WOMAN AND THE DRESS (George Kuchar, 16mm, 1980) "The script is from
  a 1940s drama about teenage rebellion in the world of fashion and
  parental intervention. The conflict in the plot is mirrored in the clash
  of colors chosen to decorate this tale." --- G. Kuchar And a few

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2006

Chicago, Illinois: Conversations at the Edge
6:00, 164 N. State St.

  Tonight's program is a cinematic toast to the semester's end with a
  cross-section of current work by graduating students in the department
  of Film, Video, and New Media. Cheers!

Honolulu, HI: Molten Media
7:00 p.m. & 8:30 p.m., 1050 Queen St., Ste. 200

  Honolulu, Hawaii Former islander T. L. Young's premiere documentary,
  "Naked in the 21st Century" has been released domestically (U.S. and
  Canada) by Pathfinder Home Entertainment, and Young's company, Pacific
  Invasion is celebrating in a big way. A release party will be held at
  the "O" Lounge, 8:45 p.m. May 5th. "Naked in the 21st Century" contrasts
  Hollywood's history of nudist films with the actual history of the
  nudist movement, from a health and fitness commune to the million dollar
  business of today's campgrounds and resorts. Stars Lena Yada (who does
  NOT appear nude), Lisa Ko and Christine Nguyen (who does!). Wine and
  pupus provided. Seating is limited so please RSVP to
  email suppressed Many local filmmakers will be invited. Actors,
  writers and producers are encouraged to attend as this is an excellent
  networking opportunity. And for those concerned, nudism has pretty much
  disappeared from Oahu, so there is little chance of nudists in

Reading, Pennsylvania: Berks Filmmakers, inc
7:30 p.m., Albright College Center for the Arts

  Recent works by Berks County film & video artists and students, most of
  who will be present at the show.

San Francisco, California: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
7:30, Yerba Buena Center, 701 Mission Street

  Center for Visual Music's Legendary Light Shows program screens May
  11-13 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Flashback to the Sixties with
  a program of rarely-seen film and video by legendary light show artists
  from San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and London. Trip out with
  light, color and liquid projections layered with film and handmade
  slides, from multimedia shows originally performed live at rock
  concerts. Featuring 1960's light show work on film and video by Elias
  Romero, Joshua White, Tony Martin, Glenn McKay, Boyle/Hills, Single Wing
  Turquoise Bird, Judd Yalkut, David Lebrun (light show excerpt from Hog
  Farm Film) and others. Program also includes an excerpt on video from
  Joshua White & Gary Panter's Light Show, 2004 performance at Anthology
  Film Archives. Format note: A few pieces are the artists' re-creations
  using original materials. One program, repeats three evenings. The
  Saturday, May 13 program will be presented by Cindy Keefer, Director,
  Center for Visual Music. For futher information, see Yerba Buena website
  (for ticket info and directions), or CVM's site:

FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2006

Chicago, Illinois: The Orgone Archive
7pm, University of Chicago Film Studies Center, Cobb Hall, Room 307 ~ 5811 South Ellis Avenue

  A program of original 16mm rental prints from the long, gone days of
  silver and Kodachrome. A sound encore from 1933 produced in cooperation
  with the University of Chicago will also be screened. Cinema saves
  sometimes. This is one of those times. Epiphanies guaranteed... or
  you're already dead. The Orgone Archive is a motion picture archive and
  exhibition outfit founded and based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since
  1993. Specializing in inscrutable epiphanies, toilet trims, unknown
  what-have-yous, perfect industrial rolls, home movie printing tests,
  corporate comedies, Warholian strikebreaking screeds, the all-around
  beautiful and everything else. Current custodian - Greg Pierce. Call
  412.682.2338 for info. The University of Chicago presents
  KALEIDOKODASCOPIC: AN ORGONE INVENTORY (1918 - 1942) ~ 16mm Films From
  The Orgone Archive (Pittsburgh 13) ~ ~ 7pm, Friday, May 12, 2006 at the
  University of Chicago Film Studies Center, Cobb Hall, Room 307 ~ 5811
  South Ellis Avenue ERRATA #1 – #14 (with Intermission) 1. Adventure
  Films, Inc. presents Major Jack Allen in CAPTURING LIONS BY AEROPLANE
  (1919) 14min 2. Talking Pictures For The Classroom Biological Series
  FLOWERS AT WORK by Clyde Fisher American Museum of Natural History
  Produced by ERPI Picture Consultants Inc. Western Electric Sound System
  Copyright ERPI Picture Consultants Inc. MCMXXXI * sound * 11min 3.
  SUNSHINE (ND) Castle Films 10min 4. SEVILLE IN FAIR TIME (ND) Edited and
  Titled by Burton Holmes A Burton Holmes Travel Picture 4min 5. THE
  CALORIE COUNTER A Lesson in Nutrition (ND) A Carlyle Ellis Picture.
  Arthur Edwin Krows – Editor 16min 6. QUEEROSITIES (ND) Major Film
  Laboratories, Inc. New York 10min 7. Film Featurettes, Inc. presents HOW
  Ina Craig Sartorius Assistant Principal of Horace Mann School Teachers
  College, Columbia University. Produced by Electrical Research Products,
  Inc. Recorded and Photographed by Paramount Business Pictures, Inc.
  Western Electric Sound System Copyright MCMXXXI by Electrical Research
  Products, Inc. * sound * 9min 9. Service Film Company presents A TRIP TO
  THE MOON (ND) 8min ~ I N T E R M I S S I O N ~ 10. AFGHANISTAN (ND)
  Special Authorized Production by Sovkino, U.S.S.R. An Amkino
  Presentation Distributed by Bell& Howell A Filmo Library Subject 16min
  11. MODERN CENTAURS (ND) Educational Films Corporation 8min 12. THE
  SHRINE CONVENTION IN MIAMI, FLORIDA MAY 1928 Photographed by Charles W.
  Herbert 14min 13. Filmosound Library presents EMERGENCY FIRST AID, PART
  SIX – ROLLER BANDAGING A Study Course in Motion Pictures To Aid Civil
  Defense Volunteers Copyright 1942 – Bell & Howell Co. Produced by Jacob
  Sarnoff, M.D. Edited & Narrated by Wm. F. Kruse Approved by Bert H. P.
  Bahman, First-Aid Director American Red Cross Brooklyn, N.Y. Chapter
  16min 14. Paramount-Bray-Pictographs The Magazine on the Screen
  SCULPTURES IN SUGAR Published by The Bray Studios, Inc. Copyright 1918
  6min All films are 16mm, b/w or color and silent (except *). ~ B E A N O
  R G O N E D O N O R ~ SOUND ENCORE #15 15. SOUND Fundamentals of
  Acoustics by Harvey B. Lemon University of Chicago, Hermann I.
  Schlesinger University of Chicago, Harvey Fletcher Bell Telephone
  Laboratories, Inc., Donald Mackensie Electrical Research Products, Inc.
  Western Electric Sound System The Voice of Action Recorded at Eastern
  Service Studios, Inc. Copyright MCMXXXIII by University of Chicago
  Produced by ERPI Picture Consultants, Inc. in cooperation with The
  University of Chicago 11min * sound *

Evanston, IL: Block Cinema
8 pm, Pick-Laudati Auditorium at the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, 40 Arts Circle Drive

  Side/Walk/Shuttle (Ernie Gehr, 1991, U.S., 41 min., 16mm); (Michael
  Snow, 1968-9, Canada, 52 min., 16mm). Abstracted from narrative purpose
  or emotional intention, camera motion through space urges the viewer to
  meditate on the motion itself. The more extreme it is, the more apparent
  it becomes that an image can indeed affect our body. WARNING: Tonight's
  films contain extreme, constant motion. Those who become dizzy or
  disoriented from such effects may be at risk. Guest speaker: Film
  Professor Chuck Kleinhans, Northwestern University. For more information
  about this series, visit or
  contact Arturo Menchaca at email suppressed

The Hague: syntocin
3 days,

  Streaming Festival {The Hague} : May 12, 13, 14th 2006: At the Streaming
  Festival films do not play in theatres but can be viewed on five
  different websites. Just like at a regular film festival, visitors of
  the Streaming Festival will be able to choose from different programmes
  and switch between viewing locations. The Streaming Festival aims to
  broadcast non subsidized work and by that encourage the development and
  understanding of audio visual art. For more information and submission
  form please visit

SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2006

San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30pm, 992 Valencia Street

  We are heartened by a kindred project here in the ‘hood, the
  (hopefully) annual weekend presentation of films and panels that take
  the corporations to task, the CounterCorp Festival! Come on down for a
  drink and a snack in this screening-room reception that serves to launch
  this ambitious undertaking. Fest director John Wilner—with special
  guests—share their visions for an engaged and critical citizenry
  before busting open a vault of corporate-identity promos. Among the
  jaw-droppers are IBM’s early-computer chronology Piercing the
  Unknown, Delco’s That’s the Way It Is, Philco/Ford’s Year
  1999, General Motors’ Our American Crossroads, Oscar Mayer’s
  Because We Care, Coronet’s What Is Capitalism?, and Hilton’s
  Hotel Ethos, among other Amerikan Korporate Kamp. PLUS a special treat
  from Rick Prelinger’s ephemeral film collection. $5–$20.

SUNDAY, MAY 14, 2006

Chicago, Illinois: The Orgone Archive
8pm, Chicago Filmmakers 5243 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60640

  Chicago Filmmakers presents an evening of Pennsylvania filmmaking
  screened for you in two parts by The Orgone Archive (ex-Orgone Cinema)
  from Pittsburgh 13, Penna. Part 1: The Autofilmography of Fred McLeod or
  The Film You Are Looking For Is Not On This Reel Mix Warhol's static
  voyeurism, Markopoulos' intricate sense of place and Anger's flair for
  pop music and color, and you might come close describing the cinema of
  Oakmont, Pennsylvania's amateur, Auricon auteur Fred McLeod. Considered
  by railroad enthusiasts to be the father of sync sound train films,
  McLeod left behind a legacy of personal movies made between 1933 and
  1980. Whereas the majority of amateurs were out documenting vacations,
  parties and picnics, McLeod was busy making films about wood saws,
  bicycles, Buicks, golf, television, churches, Christmas trees, autumn
  leaves and steam locomotives. Greg Pierce of The Orgone Archive will be
  presenting a healthful dose of McLeod's cinematic wonders, each one a
  pure and particular peek at everyday marvels and the man in front of the
  camera. No disappointment! Part 2: Some Pittsburgh Filmmaking (1959 -
  2006) Continuing the no disappointment and adding the almost
  never-before-seen we conclude with a slight inventory of Pittsburgh
  (ex-Smoke City) 16mm filmmaking. Take a Kodachromatic tour of Joseph D.
  Kramer's Squirrel Hill Home Inventory; watch real zombies act like
  consumers at the Monroeville Mall in rushes from Dawn of the Dead; revel
  in Roger Jacoby's rarely seen hand-processed gem Kunst Life IV; see two
  serenely beautiful unknowns from Al Mahler; and witness the first public
  screening of Dave Saz's camera roll document of Stan Brakhage speaking
  at Chatham College in 1973 to some of Pittsburgh's best known filmmakers
  and film advocates. Also Chicago premieres from Brian Dean Richmond and
  the Orgon Filmarbeiter Kollektiv along with the surface turmoil, twin
  attack of Adam Abrams and Steven X. Boyle. Program 1 The Autofilmography
  of Fred McLeod or The Film You Are Looking For Is Not On This Reel 1)
  All Personal Sound Movies (1951 - 63) 22min. color / b&w, sound 2) BA BA
  and gary playing football 1979 (1979) 5min. color, sound 3) Unknown
  Footage + Tests* (1958) 5min. color / b&w, sound 4) Chuck's Trains
  (1939/45) 3min. b&w / color, silent 5) Train Views Near Harrisburg,
  Lewistown Narrows, Besserman Coal Train 1980 (1980) 10min. b&w, sound 6)
  Edgewater Picnic / Autumn Leaves (1948 / 1960) 9 min., b&w / color,
  silent / sound 7) All Golf Films (1973) 30min. color, sound 8) Wash
  Cathedral (1955) 3min. b&w, sound 9) BICYCLES Joe Jenkins Me Anita Sept
  5, 1980 (1980) 6min. color, silent ~ All films are 16mm camera original
  then... Program 2 SOME PITTSBURGH FILMMAKING (1959 - 2006) 1) HOME
  INVENTORY (1959) by Joseph D. Kramer 3min 2) ROTASIA &/OR SKRIMMENFLIGGA
  (2006) by Adam Abrams. Sound by Steve Boyle ?min 3) WAVE POSITIVE [test
  roll for unfinished film SKYLIGHT] (1976) by Al Mahler 3min 4) STAN
  BRAKHAGE AT CHATHAM COLLEGE, 1973 (1973) by Dave Saz 4min 5) UNTER DER
  MITTLEREN BRÜCKE (1989) by Brian Dean Richmond sound 9min 6) UNKNOWN
  [HIGH SPEED HALLER] (1978) by Al Mahler 1.5min 7) DAWN OF THE DEAD
  RUSHES, 11/6/77 (1977) by George Romero 9min 8) KUNST LIFE IV (1977) by
  Roger Jacoby sound 6m 9) 28 JÄHRIGER BEIM SCHÜTTERN DES KOPFES (1993) by
  Orgon Filmarbeiter Kollektiv 3min All films are 16mm, b/w or color,
  silent except where noted. ORGONE NOT WAR. S A V E P I T T S B U R G H.
  S U P P O R T P I T T S B U R G H F I L M A N A L Y S I S.

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
4:00 and 7:00 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd.

  In conjunction with LACMA's presentation of the features of Kieslowski,
  Filmforum is honored to present the Los Angeles screenings of the short
  documentary films of Kieslowski, over the course of three Sundays in
  May. This series offers a unique opportunity to follow an artist moving
  from what might be considered "studies," then to sketches, and then
  finally to fully realized portraits. Tonight:?The Office (1966)?The Tram
  (1966) ?Concert of Requests (1967)?From the City of Lodz (1969),?I Was a
  Soldier (1970)?Factory (1970),?Before the Rally (1971)

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Cinematheque
7:30pm, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street at Third

  Filmmakers Gibbs Chapman, Yin-Ju Chen, James T. Hong, Kerry Laitala In
  Person. The works in tonight's program examine, use, and imagine
  technology in provocative ways. Collectively they ask not only how do
  –or might– technologies affect us, but how they determine our images and
  imaginings of the world. From fairgrounds to the Zuse strip, from push
  buttons to cars, video games, reproductive and waste technologies, the
  works explore our cyborg nature. Created using either hand-processed
  film, cgi, appropriated tv, or plain old cameras, and made for the big
  screen or the i-pod, works include Kerry Laitala's Orbit, Caspar
  Stracke's Zuse Strip, Gibbs Chapman's Push Button: A History of Idleness
  & Ignorance, Scott Stark's Driven, Pawel Wojtasik's Dark Sun Squeeze,
  Yin-Ju Chen and James T. Hong's Suprematist Kapital, and Hong's The
  Coldest War Part 1. ADMISSION: $8 General, $5 Cinematheque Members,
  Seniors, Disabled, Students (w. ID). Advance Tickets: 415-978-ARTS

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