California Tour

From: Christian Bruno (email suppressed)
Date: Fri May 05 2006 - 15:13:54 PDT

Just wanted to let everyone know about a DVD project
that was just released - The California Tour DVD
features the experiemntal films about California that
Melinda Stone took on tour to rural California
drive-ins during the summer of 2003. The DVD is an
unusual blend of bingo, sing-a-longs, experimental
films, rural audiences and the decaying beauty of the
remaining California drive-ins. It was a great tour, and in the
time-honored tradition of itinerant film exhibition.

The DVD contains a short documentary of Stone's tour,
information on each drive-in, filmmaker contact
information, and a selection of the films screened
including an excerpt of Pat OíNeillís stunning Decay
of Fiction and a collaborative film by myself and Natalija Vekic, diggins.

Microcinema International is selling the DVD. Check it out.

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h/415 934 0501 c/415 235 9924

STRAND: A Natural History of Cinema
**fundraiser May 16th!**

EPIC[abridged], the live soundtrack ensemble
@ The Illuminated Corridor May 21st

cinematography on Natalija Vekic's
award-winning "Lost & Found"

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