Re: 16mm camera developments / " Frameworkers interested in working in HD "

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  Well, I am becoming a fan of the Panasonic line. In comparison to
Sony's line the DVCPRO HD codec is more robust than the mpeg codec used
in Sony's XDCAM cameras while being far less expensive than Sony's
HDCAM product line. Panasonic will be introducing the HDX900 later this
year featuring 2/3in chips which shoots both 1080i and 720p at both 50
and 60 hz which makes is a fairly useful camera with a base price of
$26,000. That's not bad at all, and so it will probably have reasonable
rental rates when it comes out.

  Another way to go if one is working in a controlled environment is to
use a less expensive camera such as the Canon H1 and use its HD SDI out
port and record directly to a deck such as the Panasonic 1200A or the
forthcoming 1400. JVC also will be introducing a camera later this year
with an HD SDI out to directly compete with the H1. two months ago I
did a side by side test of the HDCAM Sony 730 and a Canon H1 recording
to a Panasonic 1200a deck. I brought the footage into an Avid
Adrenaline system, color corrected the footage and then compared it.
The color representation, contrast, and over all look of the images was
very similar. The difference was that there was more noise in the image
produced from the Canon / Panasonic system and the lower resolution of
the 1/3 chips was noticeable. But these differences were not glaring,
They were the kind of differences that you can see if you know what you
are looking for.

So if you want to shoot HD but can't affort the top end but don't like
the limitations of the low end HDV stuff, the middle of the HD market
is being filled out which means that if you do doc work or want to do
high quality compositing etc. options are developing for that sort of
thing in HD.

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 Dear dhh, 
  Would you like to pass-on any sound advice as to which specific HD
hardware "we" might seriously consider in the fairly immediate future? 
 And perhaps why. 
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 Just saw the 416 at NAB yesterday. its beautiful, a very sexy camera. 
  I didn't go over it with a rep since I was spending all my time 
 looking at HD cameras but it looks like a terriffic design. 
  interesting developments in HD going on for the lower price point
  Frameworkers interested in working in HD (not HDV) should be finding 
 the marketplace becoming more friendly in the coming year. 
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   On Apr 27, 2006, at 6:45 AM, Sam Wells wrote: 
> Maybe one of Jeff's scanners wd be more realistic.. 
  Perhaps finding the appropriate non-profit venue to get one, to make 
 scanning affordable to all, would make more sense. Cameras are hard to 
 share, because you never know when you need one. But scanners can be 
 scheduled if need be. 
 Jeff "not a scheduler" Kreines 
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