Re: 16mm camera developments

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 21:07:23 PDT

>> I'm curious about the
>> pics you mention....were they the ones posted on
> Yeah I think so, plus Fletcher Chicago had some photos also.
> I'm not really shopping, mind you !
> Still I think it's interesting, good news..
> -Sam

Ah, come one Sam, if everyone on Frameworks pitched in $250-300 each
(assuming the camera without lenses is not more that $180,000), then
Frameworks (collectively) would possess its very own Arri 416.

The trick would be making certain everyone gets their turn at that the
camera for the alotted 14 hours, no more, per member per year for the life
of the Frameworks ownership. Or until someone decides they don't want to
be part owner anymore and fucks the whole thing up.

Just think, for a day rate at a rental house each Frameworker could claim
to owning a 416.


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