Re: watercolor on film question

From: Eric S. Theise (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2006 - 12:53:52 PDT

J. Reed writes:
> any suggestions for substances to combine with watercolors (dr. PH Martin's)
> to help them adhere to clear leader?

I'd recommend first that you make sure that your clear leader has
a gelatin emulsion on it. I've ordered it in the past from Christy's
in Los Angeles (well, Burbank), and my order form says that I

  16mm d/p clear acetate fill ldr 1000' roll
  35mm clear leader 200'roll

They're at

I've worked with the Martin's synchromatic colors, which are supposed
to be specially formulated to be used with photographic emulsions
and was pleased with them. The folks at told me
that adding acetic acid to your mix, 5% or more, can increase and
even out the "bite" of the color into the gelatin.


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