PDX Fest Blog

From: peripheral produce (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2006 - 11:39:03 PDT

hello frameworkers.

i'd like to encourage anyone who is interested to check out the PDX Film
Fest Blog on the Urban Honking website (www.urbanhonking.com). Urban
Honking is an on-line community of bloggers here in Portland who contacted
the us a couple months ago saying that they were "interested in blogging the
shit out of the festival." I didn't know exactly what that meant, but it
sounded far too intriguing to pass up. The folks behind Urban Honking are a
bunch of super hip, super tech savvy 20 somethings, and last night at
opening night they showed up and set up a wi-fi system in the theatre and
began uploading live blogs to the internet from the back row of the theatre.
   We have also enlisted frameworker David B. to add some critical analysis
and reviews, and a host of photographers running around getting some great

so if you want to read live commentary from the back row of the festival,
see pictures of david gatten chugging cans of cheap beer, or get a basic
sense of what's happening at the festival this week please check out the
site. there are already several posts, and you'll have to click on the
'archive' section to see posts from yesterday, as well as a link to a
separate photo site. anyone is welcome to post comments, and in some ways i
wonder if this sort of site is the future of what frameworks might become.
either way, it's been a fun experiment, which is always important when your
running an experimental film festival.

www.urbanhonking.com (then click to pdx fest)

matt / peripheral produce

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