Bryan Konefsky Presents: Experiments in Cinema

From: Bryan Konefsky (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 13 2006 - 12:55:11 PDT

For any frameworkers who happen to take a wrong turn in
Albuquerque this weekend stop by the University of New
Mexico's Southwest Film Center for this exciting program
(also note that the full program should be posted on the
website listed at the bottom in the next few days).

Press release

What: Bryan Konefsky Presents! Experiments In Cinema: An
exciting screening of contemporary, experimental cinema
created by artists from around the world including Hong
Kong, Ukrania, Canada, the United States, Austria, and

When: Friday April 14 (6-9pm) and Saturday April 15

Where: The Southwest Film Center in the lower floor of the
newly remodeled Student Union Building on the campus of
the University of New Mexico.

Price: (per evening) Students - $3, Faculty - $4, General
Admission - $5.

Contact: (for more information) Bryan Konefsky at
email suppressed, or 505-235-1852,

Sponsors: (it is important to include all sponsors in an
article about this event) - The McCune Charitable
Foundation, Basement Films, The UNM Department of Media
Arts, the UNM P.L.A.C.E. Program, The UNM College of Fine
Art Faculty Grant Program.

Description: For the past two decades media archeologist
Bryan Konefsky has traveled to the far reaches of the
globe collecting unusual examples of visionary cinema and
un-dependent moving image art.

In a very rare public appearance, Bryan Konefsky will
share highlights of his historic media findings with
Albuquerque and the world!!

You will be shocked and amazed by cinema produced for less
than $1,000! Marvel at movies that do not feature Tom
Cruise or Coca Cola! Witness film artists who have the
audacity to thumb their noses at Hollywood’s silver

Do not miss this program of scandalously produced short,
non-narrative films that do not depend on pyrotechnic
effects or crane shots to tell their stories!

Please note that due to the extreme and disturbing content
in this program it is not recommended for children,
individuals with heart conditions, scurvy, lumbago, or

This event will feature special guests: Laura Neitzel,
executive director of the Dallas Video Festival, Bart
Weiss, festival director of the Dallas Video Festival, and
Chris McNamara, founder of the Media City Festival
(Windsor, Ontario) and board member of the Ann Arbor Film

Closeted cinephiles will not want to miss the unusual
raffles and door prizes that will be given away both

Featured will be works by Jeanne Liotta, Oksana Chelelyk,
Ip Yuk Yiu, Chris McNamara, Dan Anderson, David
Blatherwick, Bob Kaputof, Gretchen Hogue, Coleman Miller,
Casandra Jones, Chris Landreth, Andre Silva, Mary Ann
McQuillan, Alfonso Alvarez, Diane Nerwen, Tadasu Tkamine,
George Kuchar, Nik Kern, Courtney Egan, James Johnson,
Leighton Pierce, Jay Rosenblatt, Katja Staub, Nicolas
Provost, Emily Richardson, Gerard Holthuis, Guy Sherwin,
Miranda July, Matthias Muller, Monique Moumblow, and Peter

Additionally poet Lisa Gill will read excerpts from her
work "Dirt Cabaret," an homage to Jean Cocteau's film
Blood of a Poet and was just published by Destructible
Heart Press.

AND, Chris McNamara/Thinkbox will be perfoming (music)
over 35mm film loops created by Basement Films own Brian

Then we will all get naked!

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.