From: kenneth wayne peralta (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 10:51:46 PDT

dear l. brandon krall and frameworks at large,

the alterboy act I remember was a priestly molestation at the hands of jim
hoberman et. al.

this while scorned by frameworker elitists and other disintresteds who,
instead of lending inquiry or open eyes to gang rape, whisper in silent

i'm all for list discussion about what jack would/not think/do, but why
nibble crusts and ignore the whole enchilada on your plate?

smith spoke much against injustices at the hands of art gatekeepers.

instead of engaging this (topical and close to home) point, personal and
meaningless banter prevails, effectively yieldlng further complicity with

if communities allow individuals to act unjustly and unchecked, it's natural
others will follow.

how can you ridicule corporate class-based gatekeeperistic ticket policies
and say nothing about the individuals who opened the door to them in your
own house?


the tribeca film festival criticisms make no sense. in two weeks, dozens of
films will screen every day for 13 days in new york. Independent /
commercial / narrative / documentary / experiemental / artistic / factual /
short etc. films. this is cause for celebration by film fans.

but instead you would suggest to "avoid" the films because the festival
operates within the dominant economic paradigm on earth?(!).

what about all the filmmakers showing their work? do they now belong to a
sub-class in your otherwise rose-mirror-colored utopia? classism is as
classism does?

instead of expressing your false powerlessness, why not demand more equity
in your relationship with the festival. jon gartenberg and other tribeca
programmers have strong commitments to avant-garde work. why not join and
help make it something you would like to participate in?

also, I found the (free) festival website to have a lot of information about
the films, including links to filmmaker websites.

don't be a powerless hater. DO SOMETHING to improve your condition instead
of hypocritically whining.


kenneth wayne peralta

On 4/10/06 9:38 AM, "L. Brandon Krall" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Jack smith would laugh with scorn @ yr attempts to cannonize him_
> Yr wasting yr time acting like alter boys_ also note the obvious:
> tribecca film festival is a film festival_ not a holy shrine to
> experimental film
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