Re: interlacing example to share ...

From: Michael Betancourt (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 09:47:30 PDT

This is quite interesting--its an effect that I''ve been wanting for
some of my work too.

Can you be more specific about how this interlacing was created? This
kind of thing could be done with analog equipment (the Experimental TV
center can do this) but it's not an option with DV generally. (As the
DV tool get more "PRO" they become less useful to experimentation in
my opinion.)

If you're working on a tool pack or somesuch for this kind of effect,
I'm interested!

On 4/8/06, Philip Hood <email suppressed> wrote:
> hi, I did make a small interlacing of two clips example
> for sarah kanouse aka
> and the more I look at it, the more I like the
> idea, and wanted to share to get some feedback of
> what some others think, especially since there seemed
> to be some misunderstanding in terms of exactly what
> she was looking for. Its at:
> I used avisynth to make it. Is anyone else familiar
> with this tool ? I've been thinking of all
> the various things that could be expressed w/ this
> in a palette. Does anyone know of some lengthier
> and more woven examples of this idea ?
> I hope sarah doesn't mind sharing this small clip
> to spark discussion. The source was files she's
> developing.
> ml
> pth

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