Jack Smith and James Tully's Strange Axe Grinding

From: kenneth wayne peralta (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 07:51:04 PDT

dear james telly

you have never seen mary jordan's jack smith documentary.

your longstanding personal vendetta and blatently fabricated misinformation
against her efforts are bizarre. we don't even know you nor you us.

it is impossible that you would have seen the film at the november performa
event. we did not screen the film then (james? hello??). according to your
january posts, you did not even attend the event, but "saw fliers" for it.
there never any statement from us that the film was not finished. it was
not shown.

if you had spoken to anyone who attended, you would know there were ambient
projections of source elements onto 5 screens as part of a performance
environment. (you could also read your own posts and my responses made in
january on this subject).

in january at the rotterdam film festival were the first (and ONLY) public
showings of the work (also you did not see, but disparaged the festival and
accused us of 'networking' into it). these showed a work in progress of a
film that received strong audience ratings, favorable mentions in the press
and interest from other festival programmers.

your deceptive statements are unexplainable.


mary's film was made in the spirit of homage to ideas and process and art
and personality.

this and other important points seem completely lost to you.

why not look for a platform to propagate and advance ideals instead of
encouraging separateness and dead jack smith-speak chip-shots?

there is no need to compare yourself james. there is no comparison. and no

kenneth wayne peralta


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