Video/Dance performance in Portland, Oregon

From: db (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 11 2006 - 12:08:33 PDT

For those on this list who are in or near Portland, I'd like to let
you know about an upcoming screening of a new work I've created. It
is a video created for a dance performance by Oslund + Co, a Portland
dance company. Titled "The Object of the Unreal," it will be
presented as part of a full evening of dance at Imago Theater this
Friday-Sunday. Full information on the event is included in the press
release below. Hope to see some of you there!

(aka David Bryant)

Oslund+Company/Dance at Imago Theatre
17 SE 8th, Portland, OR
April 14-16 Friday/Saturday @ 8pm, Sunday @ 7pm
Tickets $13 students, seniors, artists and $15 general
Email HYPERLINK "mailto:email suppressed"
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or call Conduit Dance at 503.221.5857 ext. #3
Visit on-line at HYPERLINK ""
For further information, please contact:
  HYPERLINK "mailto:email suppressed"
email suppressed Artistic Director Mary Oslund

Oslund+Co./Dance presents an evening of both all new and developed
repertory works April 14-16 at Imago Theatre, with video by David
Bryant, music by Katie Griesar, Michael Stirling, John Berendzen,
Steve Koski, and Darrin Verhagen, lighting design by Jeff Forbes, and
costume design by Genevieve Dellinger,. The program will include Mary
Oslund's works The Object of Unreal, Crazy, Further, and Awkward Duets.

The Object of Unreal is a full Oslund+Co. piece for ten dancers. The
choreography is intended to read as a series of amplified dioramas,
heightened by the video work of David Bryant, and the music of Katie
Griesar. Bryant has created, curated, and taught video and film in
New York City and Portland, Oregon. Griesar is a significant regional
composer who has created music scores for Linda Austin, Cydney
Wilkes, and extensively for Imago Theatre.

Crazy draws its central dance vocabulary and overall lyric shape from
a long ground phrase, roughly ‘translated’ into movement from early
Sanskrit poetry. Established Portland composer and musician Michael
Stirling has created a score for the work using a finely orchestrated
mix of acoustic instruments and voice. Stirling formerly served on
the music faculty at Marylhurst University, has studied with Indian
vocal master Pandit Pran Nath, and worked closely with noted composer
Terry Riley.

Further binds together an edgy duet with a solo intruder in a
reminiscent look to the past. The trio of dancers will perform with
music by Steve Koski and John Berendzen, with Berendzen’s section
presented live sung by the composer and Leo Chapeau. Koski is a
Portland composer whose distinct work for various ensembles and
groups spans several decades. Berendzen composes frequently for
Liminal Theatre, and is currently an actor in Carol Triffle's new
production, Hit Me in the Stomach. at Imago Theatre.

Awkward Duets is a surprisingly boisterous and wayward quintet with
an oddball, dance-hall spin. Music for this audience favorite is
written by Australian composer Darrin Verhagen, and features two
linked off-kilter pieces. Verhagen has created music for Chunky Move
and Lucy Guerin, as well as numerous international film and theatre

Oslund+Co. members are Amber Baker, Rinda Chambers, Suniti Dernovsek,
Margretta Hansen, Faith Levine, Dana Loewen, Jim McGinn, Keely
McIntyre, Eric Nordstrom, and Joan Scott. The Company’s 2005-06
season is supported in part by funds from The National Endowment for
the Arts, The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, The Collins
Foundation, The Oregon Community Foundation, The Oregon Arts
Commission, and The Regional Arts and Culture Council.

Oslund + Co./Dance is a nonprofit contemporary dance company with the
mission to support the highest quality contemporary dance through
choreographic research and creation, performance and education. Oslund
+Co. is consistently and generously funded by grants from many
foundations and individual donors. The Company membership always
includes highly skilled dancers and performers, as well as
collaborative artists in diverse art forms.

Over more than twenty-five years, Oslund + Company/Dance has created
new work in the Pacific Northwest, based on the vision of its
Artistic Director Mary Oslund. As a choreographer and teacher, Oslund
is one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading dance artists. Her work has
been recognized by choreographic awards from The National Dance
Project of New England Foundation for the Arts and New York's
Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts, as well as significant
artist fellowships from The National Endowment for the Arts, The
Oregon Arts Commission, and The Regional Arts and Culture Council.
Oslund's teaching career has included serving on the faculties of
Reed College, Lewis & Clark College, the University of Oregon, and
Portland State University. She founded and directed Dance Works
Studio in Eugene, Oregon, and co-founded and now co-directs Conduit
Dance in Portland, both of which have provided a home base for Oslund

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