Re: Ann Arbor Film Festival 2006

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Apr 07 2006 - 23:53:21 PDT


   In my first post on this subject, I mentioned that I have been
screening since 1989, and that we used to watch all of every entry.
Back then, we got 300 - 400 entries. Now, we get about 2,000, so that
isn't possible. I agree that separating into groups is problematic, and
that wasn't even our biggest problem this year, and last. check the
archive for my first post (a few days ago) for more details. The
screening committee's only real perq is donated dinner from area
restaurants. So, we often eat during screening. When we watched all of
everything, we sometimes mopped the floors during real dogs! Sorry you
have been unhappy with the tour of late. I have liked most of it, and
think we have shown some good work. This year, our new director has
solicited help in curating the tour from an old friend of the festival,
who lives on the left coast. So, you won't see any of this year's dogs
on it, I feel certain. So, what was your awarded film called? Send us
some new work!

Ken B.

Quoting Jeff Kreines <email suppressed>:

> In the good old days, the AA screening committee all watched every
> single film submitted, every foot. Of course they may have eaten
> pizza during a mediocre one, but they all watched them together.
> Separating out screening to different groups is fraught with
> problems. If someone who loves computer animation is given a few
> cinema-verite films, they probably will reject them because they
> aren't of a genre they like. And vice versa.
> Ann Arbor used to be a great festival, but I fear it's no longer what
> it used to be, at least from what I read, and saw on one of the
> recent tours.
> Jeff "Tom Berman Award Winner, long ago" Kreines
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