Re: experimental film vs narrative film

From: Bill Brand (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Apr 07 2006 - 15:09:56 PDT

For a taste of some experimental films that are "dramatic fiction
NARRATIVE (though not feature length)" check out this show at
Anthology if you're in NYC.

A revelatory show of optical printing effects, disrupted and
disturbed images, sound and image interference and some top-notch
verbal jousting. De Landa will be on hand to introduce his rarely
screened RAW NERVES and to discuss the creation of this now infamous
film. This is a very rare screening as the print has been taken out
of distribution.
Manuel De Landa RAW NERVES: A LACANIAN THRILLER (1980, 30 minutes, 16mm)
Bill Brand SPLIT DECISION (1979, 15 minutes, 16mm)
Bill Brand BEFORE THE FACT (1974, 6 minutes, 16mm)
Hollis Frampton CRITICAL MASS (HAPAX LEGOMENA III) (1971, 25.5 minutes, 16mm)
Total running time: ca. 90 minutes.

>Confusion of terms. Depends on what you mean by "experimental" and
>by "narrative." Some people probably mean "dramatic fiction
>NARRATIVE (feature length) film" when they say "narrative."
>Because there sure is a narrative (a story, even if told in a
>confusing way) in Chien Andalou, Water Window Baby Moving,
>Nostalgia, and Wavelength.
>Some of the first Film Culture awards celebrating the New American
>Cinema went to Shadows, Pull My Daisy, and Chelsea Girls...all
>narratives. Many folks would assume that while based on (avant
>garde) theatre pieces, The Connection and The Brig are experimental.
>George and Mike Kuchar have made a lot of works which are narrative
>and experimental. And Abigail Child's films, by and large, play
>heavily with narrative but are certainly experimental.
>On Apr 7, 2006, at 4:47 AM, Freya wrote:
>>I've noticed a few places lately people making a
>>distinction between experimental film and narrative
>>However surely many experimental films are quite
>>narrative too. Maya Deren and Kenneth Anger spring to
>>mind. Possibly even Stan Brakhage!
>>Strangely this very subject came up at the Rose Lowder
>>screening yesterday too which I was glad to see. "So
>>it isn't just me who is finding this odd!" I thought.
>>I've noticed it happening more and more tho.
>>Rose even went as far as to suggest it would be
>>possible to have experimental fiction films. I hadn't
>>thought of it in quite that way before, just that some
>>films were very narrative.
>>But do any of you really think there is a clear
>>seperation between the two or is it just something
>>people say.
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