Re: Ann Arbor Film Festival 2006

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 06 2006 - 09:07:40 PDT

Just to say something positive on the subject of
festivals, we are having a great time here at
Evolution in Leeds at the moment. I met lots of nice
people and have seen some great films. I'm sure that I
have learnt quite a bit about experimental film too!

So far all the screenings have packed out a large
hall. I was quite suprised, as many of the other
screenings outside the festival, I have been to in the
past, havn't attracted anywhere near as many people.
It's wonderful to see such a quantity of people
interested in seeing all these strange films! :) It
almost gives you a little hope for the human race.

Anyway, I think having the festival here in Leeds will
do a lot for Leeds and for peoples interest and
knowledge of experimental film here. Actually not just
in Leeds but in the u.k. as a whole!

You can read a bit about evolution here:

I find it sad to hear that the Ann Arbor festival is
having such problems. I guess this is the problem when
festivals get bigger, but having the festival
happening there all this time, you would have thought
that people there would have learnt about experimental
film and even developed their interest in it through
going to the festival?

Aren't there regular festival go'ers who would be
interested in helping with the selection process?



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