Re: Looking for lens hood(s)

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 05 2006 - 00:11:23 PDT

Jeff Kreines wrote:
> Tiffen made a series 6 or 7 square hood that probably would be ok.
> The 26 Switar usually comes with a short but effective round shade
> the diameter of the lens. There is a good Bolex shade for the old
> 10mm Switar, available with a threaded ring, that holds series 6
> filters -- but they are not easy to find.

I've been using a 49 step-up so I can mount B+W filters, I got tired of
searching for series 6
and 7 filters. Trouble is if I stack all this stuff off the front (step-up
ring, filter, and lens hood)
I'm afraid it will vignette (esp on the 10mm, which is the late model
mkIII 10mm with more of a hood than the earlier waisted version of the
10mm). The 26 I'm less concerned about as I think
I can use a 49 conkin or general brand or expensive B+W.

If anyone has any 49mm metal lens hoods let me know, I can pay for
shipping. : )

> There's a film showing at 40 Frames this week shot entirely (except
> for 4 shots of a basketball game) with two 10mm Switars, mostly on
> CP16 non-reflexes but also on an Aaton with rare C mount adapter.

I'd never heard about using an Aaton. The XTR was released in 1983, I
believe, was it an LTR?
Why the decision to use the Aaton?

The print looks great BTW. Was it shot on Ektachrome? 7250 perhaps?


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