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From: Bruce Posner (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 04 2006 - 18:26:17 PDT

"Ballet mecanique" is an experimental film, perhaps one of the most
famous experimental films ever made. Paul Lehrman revivied the
original George Antheil music that was supposed to accompany the
film, but never did. Lehrman edited his version of the BM to fit the
Anthology Film Arhive's version of the film, the same of which may be
the one screened at the film's premiere in Vienna in 1924. The NGA
program has a very strong emphasis on the "Ballet mecanique" with
Lehrman's performance, the film on display in the exhibition space,
several live concerts of the film and music, and a special lecture by
Susan Delson on the influence of filmmaker Dudley Murphy on Leger and
others involved in the making of the film and music.

There has been a fair amount of press on the BM at NGA, but
Schwartz's review is quite literate and informed on the net DADA cast
over most aesthetic practice since the early part of the 20th
century. Many of these same views are espoused and examined in the
"Unseen Cinema" film and DVD retrospective, which Schwartz was nice
enough to mention in his praise of Antheil, Lehrman, and the "Ballet

>--- Bruce Posner <email suppressed> wrote:
>> Terry Gross's FRESH AIR on NPR (4.4.06) features a
>> Llyod Schwartz's
>> review of the National Gallery of Art's current DADA
>> show. A good
>> chunk of the piece focuses on Paul Lehrman's
>> presentation of BALLET
>> MECANIQUE. Schwartz ends citing that the film and
>> music is available
>> on the UNSEEN CINEMA 7-dvd set.
>> YEAH!
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