Re: Forde Labs update

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 04 2006 - 08:36:19 PDT

> Alan,
> Thanks for the Film and Video Services Lab recommendation and some
> perspective on Alpha.
> I'm looking in particular for a lab to do super-8 b&W processing (both
> the old tri-x 7278 and the new 7266).
> Would you you say Film and Video Services in Minneapolis is comparable
> to Forde labs (in terms of your experience with them before the recent
> merger) for reversal b&W processing.
> Also, please let us know what comes out of any conversation you have
> with Rich at Forde Labs re the merger with Alpha.
> Thanks
> gail


My experience with FVS and Forde says they are comparable. I was always
pleased with the results of the work done by FVS, and at the time of using
their services the cost was $6/roll. I don't know what it is now.

As for the situation at Forde, I think Tim summed things up nicely. Rich
is not too far from retirement and this was probably the best way for him
to make the transition and feel good about it. I respect that, I mean, he
could have worked Forde until retirement and then hoped someone would buy
it but it's likely Forde would have just shut down. The overhead costs are
tremedous. Rent alone in that part of Seattle (which has in the last 5-10
years gone upscale) is a burden. Maybe Matt would have taken it over but
who knows.

Like I said in previous messages, I have friends who use Alpha (though
mainly for ECN) and find the work to suit their tastes/needs/etc.


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