This week [April 2 - 9, 2006] in avant garde cinema

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This week [April 2 - 9, 2006] in avant garde cinema

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PARIS UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL {PIUFF# 3} (Paris / France; Deadline: March 10, 2007)
synthetic zero loft (Bronx, NY, USA; Deadline: April 15, 2006)
Cinematexas International Short Film Festival (Austin, Texas, USA; Deadline: June 02, 2006)
Reel Venus Film Festival (New York, NY USA; Deadline: May 12, 2006)
Firefox Flicks (Mountain View, CA; Deadline: April 14, 2006)
2006 Planet Ant Film & Video Festival (Detroit, MI; Deadline: May 01, 2006)
MadCat Women's International Film Festival (San Francisco; Deadline: May 15, 2006)
Artists' Television Access (San Francisco, CA, USA; Deadline: May 19, 2006)
Norwich (UK; Deadline: June 16, 2006)
Milwaukee Short Film Festival (Milwaukee, WI, USA; Deadline: April 22, 2006)

Imaginaria Film Festival (Conversano, Italy; Deadline: April 30, 2006)
Portable Cinema Series (san francisco, ca USA; Deadline: April 30, 2006)
Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival (Chicago, IL, USA; Deadline: April 28, 2006)
Chicago Underground Film Festival (Chicago, IL USA; Deadline: April 01, 2006)
syntocin (The Hague; Deadline: April 15, 2006)
Billyburg Short Film Festival (Brooklyn, NY, USA; Deadline: April 01, 2006)
ARTSFEST FILM FESTIVAL (Harrisburg, PA USA; Deadline: April 07, 2006)
Flatland Film Festival (Lubbock, TX USA; Deadline: April 01, 2006)
tentative (Chicago, Illinois, USA; Deadline: April 12, 2006)
theARTDISK (Chicago, IL., USA; Deadline: May 01, 2006)
Zeitgeist International Film Fstival (San Francisco, CA, USA; Deadline: April 30, 2006)
Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV) (New York, NY USA; Deadline: April 14, 2006)
Echo Park Film Center (Los Angeles, CA, USA; Deadline: April 21, 2006)
Daily Constitutional (Richmond, VA; Deadline: April 01, 2006)
Milwaukee International Film Festival (Milwaukee, WI, USA; Deadline: April 24, 2006)
TIE-The International Experimental Cinema Exposition (Denver, Colorado, U.S.; Deadline: April 28, 2006)
Hell on Reels [Astoria Moving Picture Festival] (Astoria, NY, USA; Deadline: April 28, 2006)
TO BE DECIDED (Chicago, IL, USA; Deadline: April 30, 2006)
7th Annual Woodstock Museum Film & Video Festival (Woodstock; Deadline: April 03, 2006)
synthetic zero loft (Bronx, NY, USA; Deadline: April 15, 2006)
Firefox Flicks (Mountain View, CA; Deadline: April 14, 2006)
2006 Planet Ant Film & Video Festival (Detroit, MI; Deadline: May 01, 2006)
Milwaukee Short Film Festival (Milwaukee, WI, USA; Deadline: April 22, 2006)

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 * Filmforum Presents Curtis Harrington and His Experimental Short Films. [April 2, Los Angeles, California]
 * Adele Horne's the Tailenders [April 2, San Francisco, California]
 * Quantum Leaps Presented By A. Suparak [April 3, BALTIMORE, MD]
 * Rocky Road To Dublin [April 3, Brooklyn, New York]
 * Tony Conrad: Ten Years Alive On the Infinite Plain [April 3, Leeds, UK]
 * Barbara Hammer "Love Other" [April 3, Los Angeles, California]
 * Moving Frame (In Collaboration With the Royal College of Art) [April 4, Leeds, UK]
 * Novaracinefestival [April 4, Novara / Italy]
 * Pink Flamingos [April 4, Reading, Pennsylvania]
 * JüRgen Reble & Thomas KöNer: Quasar [April 5, Leeds, UK]
 * Steven Woloshen In Person! [April 5, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * Schadenfreude [April 6, Hull, United Kingdom]
 * Rose Lowder: Time Frames [April 6, Leeds, UK]
 * Larry Gottheim's Mouches Volantes [April 6, Paramus, NJ]
 * Beyond Real: Surrealist Films [April 6, San Francisco, California]
 * A Cinema of Physics and Perception - Week 2: Frequencies/Flicker [April 7, Evanston, Illinois]
 * Michael Snow: All Directions At the Same Time (Part 1) [April 7, Leeds, UK]
 * The Compendium 1 [April 7, Leeds, UK]
 * Michael Snow: All Directions At the Same Time (Part 2) [April 8, Leeds, UK]
 * Guy Sherwin: Reenactments [April 8, Leeds, UK]
 * Gerry Fialka's Pxl This 15 [April 8, San Francisco, California]
 * Latenight Film Emporium iii [April 8, Vancouver, British Columbia]
 * Michael Snow: La RéGion Centrale [April 9, Leeds, UK]
 * The Compendium 2 [April 9, Leeds, UK]
 * Recalibrate: Michelle Dizon's video Works [April 9, San Francisco, California]

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Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd.

  The legendary filmmaker in person with his rarely screened short films,
  including Fragment of Seeking (1946, 16mm, 11 min, b&w), Picnic (1948,
  16mm, 22 min, b&w), n the Edge (1949, 16mm, 6 min., b&w), The Wormwood
  Star (1955, 16mm, 10 min., color), and Usher (2002, 35 mm, 40 min.,

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Cinematheque
7:30pm, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 701 Mission Street

  This program is part of San Francisco Cinematheque's PACIFIC RIM series
  Adele Horne In Person Shot in Los Angeles, the Solomon Islands, and
  Mexico, Los Angeles-based Adele Horne's first feature-length documentary
  explores the work of an evangelical missionary group known not only for
  their numerous conversions but for their recordings and translations of
  over 5,500 languages since their inception in 1939. Working in regions
  where indigenous communities face crises caused by global economic
  shifts, and using amazingly efficient low-tech audio recording devices,
  the missionaries seek out displaced and impoverished people, ostensibly
  in need of some kind of enlightenment. Elegantly structured and
  photographed, The Tailendersexplores both the material and ideological
  means and meanings of these linguistic translations and spiritual
  transformations. This program is presented in Association with UC
  Berkeley's Visual Anthropology Group ADMISSION: $8 general $5
  Cinematheque Members, Seniors, Disabled, Students (w. ID) advance
  tickets: 415-978-ARTS


BALTIMORE, MD: Johns Hopkins University
3pm, Homewood campus, Hodson 303.

  QUANTUM LEAPS catalogues heroes, compresses history, and hallucinates
  futures. We are in a hyperdated time populated by minor celebrity
  comebacks and movie remakes, soundtracked by mash-ups and remixes, and
  backdropped by vintage/old school/retro simulacra. Artists now are as
  inspired by history they weren't quite conscious for as by their lived
  experiences. Here it is possible to amalgamate eras, to break out of
  social and gender constraints, and to cobble together a fantasy lineage.
  Many of the artists bypass ineffectual adoration for social edification.
  Videos by: Daniel Barrow, Philippe Blanchard, Dearraindrop, Emily Vey
  Duke and Cooper Battersby, Jim Finn, Caroline Koebel, J. Macdonell, Jim
  Munroe, Liz Rosenfeld, Seth Price, Andy Puls. Posters and Magazines by:
  Celebrate People's History, Lady Scientist, LTTR. -Curated by: Astria

Brooklyn, New York: Ocularis
8 PM, 70 North 6th Street

  Peter Lennon, 1967, 69 minutes "Magnificent! One of the most beautiful
  documentaries the cinema has given us." - Cahiers du Cinéma "One of the
  few independent documentaries made in Ireland in the 1960s, Lennon's
  film takes a revealing snapshot of his country post-revolution and finds
  a society straining under the pressure of social and religious
  traditions. After one screening in Dublin in 1968, Rocky Road… was
  suppressed for three decades and never released in Irish cinemas or
  shown on Irish television. Its international fame was sealed when it
  became the final film to be shown at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival,
  before Godard, Truffaut and co. shut the event down. More than just a
  fascinating time-capsule piece, this exceptional, rarely-seen
  documentary still remains resonant today." – ICA, London Presented in
  association with the Irish Arts Center.

Leeds, UK: Lumen
8pm, Leeds City Art Gallery

  Bringing together US artist Tony Conrad's structural approach to film,
  and minimalist approach to music, Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain
  is a durational performance for amplified strings, within a film loop
  environment. Three musicians will join Conrad to perform a slow and
  gradual composition of shifting tones whilst equivalent visual
  transformations unfold in the bands of light thrown from four film
  projectors. Conrad will be joined on this occasion by Mike Flowers
  (Vibracathedral Orchestra), Angharad Davies and Ryoko Kuwajima.
  Sponsored by The Wire magazine:

Los Angeles, California: Redcat
8pm, 631 W. 2nd St.

  Los Angeles premiere USA, 2006, 55 min., Beta SP In her latest work,
  prolific filmmaker, archivist and commentator Barbara Hammer examines an
  intriguing chapter in lesbian cultural history. Claude Cahun and Marcel
  Moore cut mythic figures in the art world: They were stepsisters and
  lovers who, as key participants in the Parisian Surrealist movement in
  1920s and '30s, collaborated on collages, photographs and installations
  exploring gender-bending and lesbian eroticism. The pair later settled
  on the Isle of Jersey, where they went on to perform heroic acts of
  resistance against the Nazi occupation during WWII. In person: Barbara


Leeds, UK: Lumen
7pm, Leeds City Art Gallery

  Exploring the changing concept of the 'frame' as it migrates from film
  into video and digital media, the Royal College of Art's Moving Frame
  research group will screen and discuss works in progress. Introduced by
  Al Rees the evening will include short extracts of films and videos by
  staff and research students including Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Nicky
  Hamlyn, Malcom Clarke, Toby Cornish, Adam Kossoff, Simon Payne, Matthias
  Hillner and Jo Cammack.

Novara / Italy: NovaraCineFestival
4 days, Piazza Martiri

  International festival of short films

Reading, Pennsylvania: Berks Filmmakers, inc
7:30 p.m., Albright College Center for the Arts

  Pink Flamingos (1972, 93 min.) by JOHN WATERS. "Pink Flamingos is ten
  times more interesting than Last Tango in Paris."- Jonas Mekas, The
  Village Voice. This film -wonderfully polluted Waters- shot in 16mm,
  informed by the works of Herschel Gordon Lewis, Kenneth Anger, Jack
  Smith and, especially, the brothers Kuchar, put its cast (Divine & Edith
  Massey), location (Balitmore) and director on the map of cinema. "I just
  wanted to make a movie that would make me and my friends laugh…. But I'm
  very proud and I think it holds up. I've seen it with all kinds of
  audiences, and [several] generations later it still has the power to
  make people nervous. It's a little terrorist bomb, which is how I always
  wanted this movie to be."- J.W. (In our present world, let us be
  thankful for this brand of terrorism.)


Leeds, UK: Lumen
8.30pm, Leeds City Art Gallery

  A micro cosmos of sound and image particles envelop the audience in this
  new performance by German artists Jürgen Reble and Thomas Köner. Using
  five projectors positioned around the space, Reble reveals a pulsating,
  half world of abstraction that gradually transcends the screen throwing
  molecular light beams through a gentle haze above the audience. In unity
  with the image, Köner builds a parallel musical space by electronically
  transforming live sounds from the projectors – feeding them back to the
  audience through the coordinates of a quadraphonic sound system.
  Sponsored by The Wire magazine:, supported by Goethe

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Cinematheque Ontario
6:30 p.m., Art Gallery of Ontario's Jackman Hall, 317 Dundas St. West

  Cinematheque Ontario presents THE FREE SCREEN (formerly The
  Independents). The Free Screen is your window on the vast and rewarding,
  but often overlooked, world of unconventional, non-commercial cinema -
  those films and videos made by committed artists working outside of
  mainstream channels of production and distribution. These artists prefer
  to work free from the restrictive aesthetic conventions and commercial
  concerns of the movie business, a position which allows them to explore
  the possibilities of the art of cinema to the fullest. The Free Screen
  presents work by artists engaged in fields ranging from avant-garde film
  and animation to hybrid documentaries, essay films and video art, often
  with the artists in attendance to present their work. - Chris Gehman,
  Free Screen programmer. STEVEN WOLOSHEN IN PERSON! One of the world's
  foremost practitioners of direct (cameraless) animation, Steven Woloshen
  is the definition of a truly independent filmmaker: his practice is
  financed by his unrelated work in the film industry and is entirely free
  from grants or institutional support. Woloshen began making films in the
  late Seventies, with a hiatus of nearly a decade ending in 1996 with LOS
  ENDOS, a short commissioned tribute to Stan Brakhage. Since returning to
  production, he has worked primarily in 35mm, developing his work in two
  distinct directions: buoyant graphic dances animated to a range of
  brilliantly chosen music, from Fats Waller to Ali Akbar Khan and Jimi
  Hendrix; and films combining animation with photographed images. All of
  Woloshen's recent films, however disparate in style, are the work of an
  artist with a masterful control of graphic composition, rhythm, colour,
  and line. They are a joy to behold. THE BABBLE ON PALMS (Canada, 2002, 4
  minutes, 16mm) and TWO EASTERN HAIR LINES (Canada, 2004, 4 minutes,
  16mm) establish a delicate balance between animated and photographic
  material, allowing for the exploration of more personal themes. This
  approach explodes in THE CURSE OF THE VOODOO CHILD (Canada, 2005, 3.5
  minutes, 35mm Scope), an evocation of the chaos introduced into domestic
  life by the birth of Woloshen's child with partner Alexandra Grimanis.
  This programme also includes a number of commissions and one-off
  experiments, including the world premiere of CHANGING EVAN (Canada,
  2006, 1 minute, video) and the Toronto premiere of Woloshen's witty
  REBUTTAL (Canada, 2005, 2 minutes, video) to Bill Plympton's petty
  attack on abstract animation at last year's Annecy animation festival.
  Other films in this programme include: SON OF DADA (Canada, 1982, 2.5
  minutes, 16mm); DIDRE NOVO (Canada, 1983, 2.5 minutes, 16mm); GET HAPPY
  (Canada, 1999, 3 minutes, 35mm Scope); MEMEMAMA (Canada, 2000, 2
  minutes, 35mm); DITTY DOT COMMA (Canada, 2001, 3 minutes, 35mm Scope);
  TORONTO PREMIERE! THE CAVE (Canada, 2001, 2 minutes, 35mm); BRU HA HA!
  (Canada, 2002, 2 minutes, 35mm); CAMERAS TAKE FIVE (Canada, 2003, 3
  minutes, 35mm Scope); MINUET (Canada, 2003, 1 minute, video); SHAVING
  SHANIA (Canada, 2004, 0.5 minutes, silent, 35mm); SNIP (Canada, 2004,
  1.5 minutes, 35mm Scope); a work in progress, co-directed by Alexandra
  Grimanis, RH FACTOR (Canada, 2006, approx. 3.5 minutes, video).
  Co-presented by the Toronto Animated Image Society. All screenings in
  this series are FREE, non-ticketed events. Programming suggestions and
  submissions are welcome. All Cinematheque Ontario screenings are held at
  the Art Gallery of Ontario's Jackman Hall, 317 Dundas St. West, Toronto
  (McCaul Street entrance). All screenings are restricted to individuals
  18 years of age or older. For more information, visit the Official
  website,, the year-round Box Office at Manulife
  Centre (55 Bloor Street West, main floor, north entrance), or call


Hull, United Kingdom: Hull Film
7.30pm, Ferens Art Gallery, Live Art Space, Queen Victoria Square, HU1 3RA

  Hull Film presents a new touring programme of international artists'
  work exploring questions of voyeurism and conflict. A Touring Project of
  The Artists Cinema and Lux curated by Tirdad Zolghadr In terms of
  structure, the works in this programme, without ever succumbing to
  storytelling narrative, all aim for certain patterns of suspense or
  anticipation, with most of them resorting to difference in repetition,
  at times subtle, at times slightly overbearing. These short films all
  deal with questions of voyeurism, representation and visual politics.
  For More Information Hull Film Events please visit,
  ------------------ Submissions Now Open for the 5th Hull International
  Short Film Festival 2006.

Leeds, UK: Lumen
7.30pm, Leeds City Art Gallery

  Composing her films in-camera using precise frame-by-frame structures
  and scores, French filmmaker Rose Lowder creates magnificent interwoven
  tapestries of time and space along the filmstrip. Almost always
  exploring the environments that surround her, Lowder's precise
  photographic methods allow the real world to blossom on screen with
  perceptual beauty. The evening will feature a selection of her films
  from the last 30 years, and new works including the latest section of
  her ongoing Bouquets series. Lowder will introduce the screening and
  talk about her practice. Supported by Institut Francais. Films (all Rose
  Lowder, France): Part 1: Parcelle (1979, 3 mins, 16mm, silent), Rue Des
  Teinturiers (1979, 31 mins, 16mm, silent), Champ Provençal (1979, 9
  mins, 16mm, silent) Part 2: Les Tournesols [Coloured Sunflowers] (1982,
  3 mins, 16mm, silent), Scènes de la vie française : La Ciotat (1986, 31
  mins, 16mm, silent), Voiliers et Coquelicots [Poppies and Sailboats]
  (2001, 2 mins 36 secs, 16mm, silent, 18fps), Bouquets 28-30 (2004-5, 3
  mins 36 secs, 16mm, silent, 18fps)

Paramus, NJ: Bergen Community College
6:00PM, 400 Paramus Rd. -- Screening Room A104

  Prominent avant-garde filmmaker Larry Gottheim will present and discuss
  a newly restored print of Mouches Volantes (1976)in glorious 16mm. "The
  film unfolds and recedes before us as do the waves on the beach in
  Sections 5 and 6. The shots themselves become familiar images, as does
  the quizzically magical sound track. The tonality of the film stock
  moves from high contrast black and white to subdued color and back
  again. All of this cyclical lyricism creates a fullness, an organic
  whole.(...)"--Raymond Foery, Idiolects Please contact Gregg Biermann
  email suppressed with questions about this program

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
6:30 pm, 151 Third Street

  Film Screening Beyond Real: Surrealist Films April 06, 2006 6:30 p.m.
  Phyllis Wattis Theater San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Free with
  Museum admission This evening program features short surrealist films:
  Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, Un Chien Andalou (1929) Joseph Cornell,
  Jack's Dream (c.1940-) Maya Deren, Meshes of the Afternoon (1943) Man
  Ray, Les Mystères du Château de Dé (1929)


Evanston, Illinois: Block Cinema
8 pm, Pick-Laudati Auditorium at the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, 40 Arts Circle Drive

  A Cinema of Physics and Perception Week 2: Frequencies/Flicker. The
  Flicker (Tony Conrad, 1966, U.S., 30 min., 16mm), Raindance (Standish
  Lawder, 1972, U.S., 16 min., 16mm), Ray Gun Virus (Paul Sharits, 1966,
  U.S., 14 min., 16mm). Focusing on the fixed internal boundaries of a
  filmstrip, these films highlight the perceived collision of one frame
  with the next, the frequencies with which these collisions can occur,
  and their effect on our nervous system. WARNING: The films being shown
  tonight contain flickering and strobe lighting. Those who become dizzy
  or disoriented from such effects, as well as those suffering from
  photosensitive epilepsy, may be at risk. There will be a five minute
  break between each movie to allow the viewers to rest their eyes. Guest
  speaker: Psychology and Neuroscience Professor Satoru Suzuki,
  Northwestern University.

Leeds, UK: Lumen
1pm, Leeds City Art Gallery

  The first part of a mini-survey of film and video works by Canadian
  artist Michael Snow. Working broadly across film, photography, music,
  writing, painting and sculpture, Snow is one of the most influential and
  prolific artists of the last 50 years. His films are best described
  simply as conscious experiences, concerned almost entirely with the act
  of watching. Snow once said of his practice: "I make up the rules of a
  game, then I attempt to play it. If I seem to be losing I change the
  rules." This afternoon focuses on three of his early works: New York Eye
  and Ear Control, (Back and Forth) and Wavelength, which Snow has
  respectively referred to as 'philosophy', 'metaphysics' and 'physics'.
  In between the films Snow will talk about his ideas and practice. Films
  (all Michael Snow, Canada): New York Eye and Ear Control (1964, 34 mins,
  16mm, sound), Back and Forth (1968-9, 50 mins, 16mm, sound), Wavelength
  (1966-7, 45 mins, 16mm, sound)

Leeds, UK: Lumen
7pm, Leeds City Art Gallery

  A new dimension to the Evolution programme, The Compendium screenings
  bring together new films and videos by artists from around the world.
  Loosely collected into two programmes, tonight's screening begins with
  individual perspectives, opinions and expressions on our modern world.
  Moving into a collection of studies of people, objects, images and
  lives. Featuring films and videos by Ben Judd, Manuel Saiz, George
  Kuchar, Ximena Cuavas, Laure Prouvost, Moira Tierney, Nicky Hamlyn,
  Oliver Bancroft and Jayne Parker.


Leeds, UK: Lumen
1.30pm, Leeds City Art Gallery

  Continuing the mini survey of Michael Snow's films and videos, the
  artist will present four more recent works. The afternoon will include
  the double screen Triage made as an exquisite corpse with Carl Brown,
  and his most recent video SSHTOORRTY in which the first half of an
  adulterous melodrama is repeated and superimposed over the second half.
  Following the screening Snow will be joined in discussion by UK
  filmmaker and writer Nicky Hamlyn, and US filmmaker and founder of
  Re:Voir video, Pip Chodorov Films (all Michael Snow, Canada): See You
  Later/Au Revoir (1990, 18 mins, 16mm, sound), The Living Room (2000, 21
  mins, 16mm, sound), Triage (2004, 30 mins, 16mm, sound, double screen),
  SSHTOORRTY (2005, 20 mins, 16mm, sound)

Leeds, UK: Lumen
7.30pm, Leeds City Art Gallery

  Since the early 70s, UK artist Guy Sherwin has used film and projection
  to explore and experiment with light and time. Through a series of
  re-enactments and re-workings, Sherwin will present an evening of
  expanded cinema works, from profoundly simple performances such as Man
  With Mirror in which the filmmaker interacts with his former self, to
  live multi layered projection works like Vowels and Consonants (made and
  performed with Lynn Loo). Improv saxophonist Alan Wilkinson will provide
  live soundtracks to some of the pieces. Sponsored by The Wire magazine: Part 1 (all Guy Sherwin, UK): Paper Landscape
  (1975/2006, 9 mins, performance for Super 8 film and special screen),
  Cycles #3 (1972/2003, 9 mins, live projection for two 16mm projectors,
  two loudspeakers), Newsprint #2 (1972/2006, 10 mins, live projection
  event for two performers, two 16mm projectors, two loudspeakers), Vowels
  & Consonants (2005, 15-20 mins, collaboration with Lynn Loo for six 16mm
  projectors with optical sound, featuring live sax by Alan Wilkinson)
  Part 2: Station. Camden Road (2004 (1973), 8mins, three screen 16mm
  projection with ambient sound), Views From Home (2006(1987), 10-15mins,
  mini dv, featuring live sax by Alan Wilkinson), Man with Mirror
  (1976/2006, 9mins, performance for Super 8 film and special screen)

San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30pm, 992 Valencia Street

  As is our wont, OC hosts the latest iteration of Gerry Fialka’s
  plucky low-tech fest. The Pixelvision camera, in case you didn’t
  know, is a plastic toy that records picture and sound on an
  audiocassette. It failed in the marketplace in the ‘80s, but in the
  decades since, electronic folk artists have embraced the minimal B&W
  aesthetic, creating a quirky new subculture within the field of personal
  cinema. This year’s edition features Bryan Konefsky’s
  Beautiful Dreamer, Eli Elliott’s One, and Robert Dobb’s TV
  Ain’t No Tactile, among a host of others…though the highlight
  may end up being Gerry’s legendary introduction, trading on lofty
  McLuhanisms, Joycean run-ons, and goofy puns.

Vancouver, British Columbia: Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society
10:00pm, Cineworks Studio, 1131 Howe St. (back lane entrance)

  All Super 8. All Night. Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society is
  joining with the Project-8 Collective to present the third Latenight
  Film Emporium. The focus will be the chimerical medium of Super 8 film -
  projected on celluloid and video. Always innovative and definitely
  unpredictable, this screening will span the stylistic range with various
  degrees of narrative, formally experimental pieces, live audio
  performance and more. Like all Emporiums, most artists will be present
  to discuss their work and field questions. Cinephiles are encouraged to
  bring their own Super 8 work for an open screening after the
  program.Featuring new and barely used works by:Chris Brabant, Amanda
  Christie, Ben Donoghue & Flatgrey, Zoe Gordini & Soressa Gardner, Ian
  Bob MacTilstra, Julie Saragosa,Kai Ling Xue. Open Screening to follow --
  BYOC Super 8!Admission by donation.The Project-8 Collective is a group
  of Vancouver based film makers and educators working in super 8.
  Project-8 is also a workshop series and film festival which seeks to
  build DIY film making skills in people wanting to learn about super 8
  film and publicly present the fruits to the broader community. The first
  project-8 workshops and festival are taking place throughout the Spring
  of 2006. Latenight Film Emporiums are partially curated / partially open
  screenings that provide an important venue for experimental film
  practices in Vancouver, while also bringing in occasional works from
  allies outside the immediate region. In the past dozens super 8, 16 mm
  and celluloid-digital works have been screened. The Latenight Film
  Emporium is a random occurrence that seeks to bring contemporary film
  practices to a public consciousness.


Leeds, UK: Lumen
1.30pm, Leeds City Art Gallery

  A rare chance to experience one of the most talked about films in the
  history of experimental cinema. Made using a specially designed machine
  capable of rotating the camera in all directions from a central point,
  La Région Centrale is a multi-dimensional study of the landscape
  surrounding a desolate mountaintop in Quebec. Through a series of tilts
  and turns of various speeds, the environment is continually re-framed
  and increasingly disoriented. La Région Centrale is a cosmic and unified
  meditation on space and time, and a definitive metaphor on vision. Film:
  La Région Centrale (Michael Snow, 1970-1, 180 mins, 16mm, sound)

Leeds, UK: Lumen
7pm, Leeds City Art Gallery

  The second installment of The Compendium screenings, bringing together
  new artists films and videos from around the world. Loosely collected
  into two short programmes, tonights installment moves from pure
  abstraction into modern impressions of our pastoral landscape. Traveling
  from the depth of the screen, to the surface of the filmstrip – across
  rural Russia, and down the Tyne River towards the sea. Featuring work by
  Ian Helliwell, Fred Worden, Freya, Wenhua Shi, Philip Sanderson,
  Samantha Rebello, Arash T Riahi, Ben Rivers, Mat Fleming, Christo
  Wallers and Masha Godovannaya.

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Cinematheque
7:30pm, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 701 Mission Street

  This program is part of San Francisco Cinematheque's PACIFIC RIM series.
  Experimental video artist Michelle Dizon joins us from Los Angeles for
  her first solo screening. Working with home movies shot in California
  and the Philippines, low-end video, numerous found images from the web
  and other films, and carefully culled and original texts, Dizon
  articulates a compelling political and aesthetic vision that constantly
  questions the status quo of language, images, and the power embedded in
  them. In our current context of globalization and war, pieces such as
  Calibrate; Département des Arts de l'Islam; We, the Undersigned, Girls
  of Hiroshima; and her newest piece, The Great Wall compel us to re-think
  representational and political practices. We will also screen earlier,
  more intimate, works including My Child, Anak andA Family Sick. Michelle
  Dizon in Person. This program is presented in Association with the
  Center for Asian American Media and Artists' Television Access.
  ADMISSION: $8 general, $5 Cinematheque Members, Seniors, Disabled,
  Students (w. ID) advance tickets: 415-978-ARTS

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