Re: B+W reversal bleach- Hand processing observations, questions

From: Steven Budden (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Apr 01 2006 - 10:50:53 PST

Thanks for the info on the T max kit.

Well, I tried to do two rolls at once of 16mm in the G3 and it worked for a
while but they kept getting tangled due to varying lengths or stretching or
something? First developer worked perfectly and then slowly they became
overlapped and... etc.
Anyway, I kind of hand to cut the clearing bath in half and then I tried to
get second developer but I only got about 5 minutes in, because film was too
tangled. Anyway, I rinsed as I untangled and dried. (No hardener or fixer) Can
I redo any of these stages for better results at this point? At the very
least I'm going to rinse it better so I thought if I could redo any of the
stages I might as well do that at the same time.
Out came some very interesting footage, and a lot of areas that look like
solarization, and a lot of sprocket holes from one film showing up, slowing
moving across the other film, which is kind of nice. But the nicest areas are
kinked so I'll have to clip them and there is some brown where I guess the
bleach is still present?

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