Re: Super-8 processing

From: andrew lampert (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 30 2006 - 19:37:49 PST

I picked up two rolls of b/w (one plus-x and a tri-x
that had been pushed two stops) from Pac Lab today and
was surprised at how good they looked. The
highlights and shadows were great in both reels, even
if I was trying to shoot too much in the dark with the
tri-x. At the same time there was a weird flutter and
I couldn't figure out if it was chemical or my
normally solid projector. I'm going to watch again in
a bit to figure that out. It used to be that when I
had film Tri-X pushed there would be scratches and
flaked emulsion, but they seem to have got that under
control. That problem really marred a few reels I
shot. Every once in awhile I shoot the old Ektachrome
and it doesn't ever look that good, but this isn't
their fault, I just don't like the stock. Overall, I
think Pac Lab is good and they are trying hard to
address whatever problems might exist operating in
that weird little basement like they do. I am a bit
prejudiced though as I work one block away. I'm too
lazy to go anywhere else. I think that the older
gentleman who used to be there is gone, but I've seen
a lot of these people there for years now. Maybe they
bought it? I canít remember the story. One of the
guys was involved at another lab for years. A1 also
does it in New York but I canít remember the last time
I went there or why I would have never gone back.
Probably proximity.

Good luck,

--- Gail Mentlik <email suppressed> wrote:

> I'm looking for a lab recommendation for processing
> both the old and
> the new super-8 Tri-x (7278 & 7266) stocks, as well
> as S-8 7240 (VNF)
> and the new 64T Ektachrome stocks.
> Usually I would send the B/w to Pac Lab, but I
> haven't used them in
> about a year and understand that there is new
> management/staff there.
> Has anyone recently had b/w or Ektachrome processed
> at Pac Lab or knows
> about the changes there?
> The other lab I was considering for the tri-x and
> Ektachrome was Forde
> Lab in Seattle. Has anyone had B&W processed there
> or Ektachrome
> recently? Forde Lab has just moved and merged with
> Alpha Cine; I'm
> wondering how that will affect their super-8
> processing.
> Any thoughts on the above two labs or other
> recommendations would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Gail Mentlik
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