From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 30 2006 - 11:12:38 PST

> Dear Frameworkers,
> Pacific Film Archive is making preparations to preserve NOTES ON THE
> PORT OF ST. FRANCIS by Frank Stauffacher (U.S., 1951; 22 minutes,
> b&w, sound). Unfortunately, all preprint elements (reversal
> originals, dupe negs, tracks) are thought to be lost by those who
> might know best.
> I have contacted a few of you off-list, but in order to leave no
> stone left unturned, I am asking if any of you out there knows the
> whereabouts of any existing materials for this film, including print
> sources. We are currently resorting to comparing composite prints
> that we have been able to find to determine what would make the best
> preservation master.
> Thus far we have located the following prints:
> 2 from personal collections
> 1 from PFA collection
> 1 from BFI
> SF State supposedly has a print in their library--has anyone seen this
> print?
> UCLA may have a print in the Creative Film Society Collection
> (waiting for verification from them)
> Any additional information would be greatly appreciated!
> thanks,
> Jon
> --
> Jon Shibata
> Assistant Film Archivist
> Pacific Film Archive

Good luck in your search Jon.

Are there plans to strike prints for distribution purposes? It would be
nice to see this film
back in circulation.


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