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Date: Tue Mar 28 2006 - 08:55:15 PST

> Hello Frameworkers!
> I have recently bought an older ST6000 and have been offered a second
> newer
> table from the Steenbeck reseller in Berlin, Germany. Turns out some woman
> didn't want to deal with the transport or resale so she has asked them to
> pick
> it up and dispose of it-
> Does anyone know of a good resource online to research older models?
> Also, it may turn out that they plan on trashing one of the tables, if
> anyone is
> possible interested in having the other one (ST6000 or something newer)
> please
> let me know offlist, it would be a shame to see a perfectly good machine
> go the
> the trash.
> Sincerely,
> Diana Arce


Where are you located? Are you in Berlin?

There's been a few posts lately regarding Steenbeck machines. The source is located in Holland.

Model 6000 is a combo 16/35 six plate, so the newer version would be the

What is it you want to know about older models?

As Steenbeck updated each model the electronics, the prism, the transport,
the counter, etc was updated. If you have an 01 machine all parts can be
ordered from Steenbeck or a Steenbeck agent. If an older machine ending in
00 you'll likely find parts through dealers and service techs who have
stockpiled parts, such as Paul Tomasko, Dwight Cody, or Mel Worsfold in
the UK.


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