Experimental fim in Prag?

From: Christoph Runne (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 23 2006 - 11:01:34 PST

Hello everybody,

I am showing a film installation at the National
Gallery in Prag. It consists of three 16mm projectors
projecting onto a slow turning screen.
The piece is rather abstract and addresses the war for
oil, consumption and idleness.
Anyway, I need to change the worn out film loop every
day before the gallery opens. Unfortunately, I am only
able to be there for about a week then I have to get
back home to Canada. I am hoping to find a filmmaker
or a contact to a film school in Prag. I am hoping to
find somebody who could change the film loops for me
while I am gone. The Film runs through curtain rings
suspended from the ceiling.
I would of course pay a modest fee if necessary.
It also would be great to learn where experimental
film is at in the Czech Republic.
Any information would be appreciated.

PS. you should all come.


Christoph Runne

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