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For artists working with moving image in the late twentieth century, the past forty years of technological innovation has significantly altered the materials ofproduction, revolutionising the possibilities for experiment and exhibition. Notsince the invention of film has there been such a critical period of major changein the imaging technologies accessible to artists. Bringing together key artists in film, video and digital media this Anthology, Experimental Film and Video revisits the divergent philosophical and critical discourses of the 1970s and in the light of the convergence technologies of digital media and paradigms encompassing the technological, narrative, expanded, performative, theatrical and sculptural, re-positions these debates relative to contemporary practice. Forty artists have contributed images, and twenty-five artists reflect on the diverse critical agendas, contexts, and communities that have affected their practice across the period from the late 1960s to date.

With an introduction by Jackie Hatfield and forewards by Sean Cubitt and Al Rees this illustrated anthology of artists’ writings includes interviews and recent essays by filmmakers, video artists, and pioneers of interactive cinema: Cate Elwes, Peter Gidal, David Hall, Malcolm LeGrice, Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Tamara Krikorian, David Larcher, Anthony McCall, Jayne Parker, Stephen Partridge, Daniel Reeves, Lis Rhodes and Grahame Weinbren. As well as the critical texts, it includes stills and visuals from all the artists including: David Critchley, Nina Danino, Nicky Hamlyn, Tina Keane, Andrew Kotting, Mike Leggett, Jayne Parker, Kayla Parker, Sarah Pucill, William Raban, Daniel Reeves, John Smith and Chris Welsby.

Dr Jackie Hatfield is an artist and writer who makes expanded and participatory cinematic artworks. She has contributed essays and co-edited two critical books around gender and technology in art practice, Desire by Design and Digital Desires, and has published essays concentrating on under-explored histories of experimental film and video practices: technological invention, gender and narrativity. She is Post Doctoral Research Fellow on REWIND: Artists’ Video in the 1970s and 1980s, University of Dundee

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