Re: the high cost of submission fees

From: bart weiss (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 18 2006 - 20:53:02 PST

I agree with much of what Matt has said
Yes we try really hard to get sponsorships
And if we were an event where sponsors could hang out with celebrities
We could get lots of sponsorships, and money would not be a problem
If ticket prices had to reflect the cost of putting on the festival
The audience you want would not be there
If you want us to handle you material, present it well both in print and on
the screen, and do year after year, well we have to pay people
And believe me we don't pay people their normal day rate
And I do not draw a salary for the Dallas Video festival
(and of course I will add that we actually pay for work that is shown)
(and yes you can go to to enter now)

But for your entry fee, at least at my festival,
Your film/video will be watched , (by me)
And not just the fist 5 minutes, and there is no pre selection jury (which
often have no appreciation for experimental work.
One of the things you are paying for
Is for a programmer to give you a fair and honest look at your work.


Bart Weiss
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