Re: Documentaries/Other Films on Madness

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 17 2006 - 08:47:55 PST

don't know if they will be too theatrical though

i was remembering the nick drake (musician) doc
don't know the name of it though (rented it at kim's video - horrible quality)
in his parents interviews they never admit to mental illness
or suicide
the film tries to be arty
by showing (david lynches) blowing trees but...
the explanation that his family does go into is very amazing

there is also a film about sylvia plathe
but unfortunately gwyneth paltrow plays sylvia
don't know the name - prob. just sylvia
the film is kinda hollo
and makes her suicide all about her husband
she wrote the bell jar
though about her suicide attempt at a younger age
it is hauntingly detached

jen reeves did a film about her suicide attempt
see FMC
(i don't remember the name)

charles bukowski:
basically had post traumatic stress fr: his fathers abuse
(which often leads into alcoholism/drug abuse)
there is a doc.
simply titled "bukowski"
it is awful/beautiful

here is a book on fassbinder
who od'ed at the age of 37
fassbinder: the life and work of a provocative genius by christian
braad thomsen,
translated by martin chalmers (ISBN 0-571-17842-1).

and lastly:

konrad posted this too me a while ago re: a film i am working on
in this vein


A great film relating to this, in the 'avant garde' tradition,
is Yvonne Rainer's "Journeys From Berlin, 1971" it weaves in
several narratives relating to the Baader-Meinhof "Red Army
Faction" in West Germany (like the Weather Underground in the
US), their capture, and possible brainwashing to suicide,
Russian anarchism in the 19th century, personal relationships
and modern psychotherapy. One of the things it's about is the
relation between using institutionalized psychology as a tool of
social control.

It is one of my all time favorite films, and i never like to
lose an opportunity to plug it.


i haven't seen the film (it is only distributed on film)
i am saving my shekels to do so in the summer
2 show at my community garden


On 3/13/06, J.C. Cortlund <email suppressed> wrote:
> The Maysles Brothers GREY GARDENS might merrit a mention as well.
> Especially considering the current NY theater adaptation that's running and
> the Hollywood narrative adaptation starring Drew Barrymore (as Little Edie)
> and Jessica Lange (Big Edie) slated for 2007.
> Be very afraid.
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