TIE-2006: Call for Film Entries

From: TIE (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 16 2006 - 21:04:20 PST

TIE-2006 Submission Form:

TIE - The International Experimental Cinema Exposition invites submissions for the autumn 2006 festival. Since the festival's inception in Telluride, TIE has screened over 600 innovative historic and contemporary films and joined over 150 of the world's most influential avant-garde filmmakers. TIE has also become home for ground-breaking world premiers, from legends such as Stan Brakhage to a new generation of leading experimentalists.

TIE seeks films that challenge popular and conventional modes of cinema. From difficult and hand-made films to extraordinarily radical and obscure compositions, TIE selects only outstanding celluloid cinema from the outerspaces of contemporary screen-culture.

If a submitted film is selected, the exhibition print must be film (8mm, Super-8, 16mm, 35mm). All lengths are considered. A nominal entry fee is required. Deadline is April 28, 2006.

Click http://www.experimentalcinema.com/subform.htm for Submission Form.

2005 offered films from Mark LaPore, Peter Tscherkassky, Frank Biesendorfer, David Gatten, Nick Dorsky, Martha Colburn, Phil Solomon and many others. Rarely seen work was exhibited from Andy Warhol, Boyd Rice, Tony Hill and several others. Visit www.experimentalcinema.org to view 2005 and other previous TIE programs.

TIE, The International Experimental Cinema Exposition
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Phone: 303.832.2387
Website: http://www.experimentalcinema.org
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