Re: projection questions

From: Douglas Katelus (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 16 2006 - 19:27:42 PST

I apologize ahead of time in case this has already been said, don't ever
have the patience to get through all of replies to any question. But to the
best of my knowledge regarding theaters with Arc lights (which I am assuming
xenon would mean) all you need to do is specify what color temperature your
print was made at. Now all the projectionist has to do is put a color filter
in to compensate. Much as you would while shooting.

And I also belive most 16mm prints are timed to be shown on standard Tungson
bulbs, unless noted otherwise by the filmmaker. As most 35mm prints are
timed for arc light, as they are expected to be shown in those bigger

But as long as you specify on your film what it is I don't think you should
have any issues.


>From: David Tetzlaff <email suppressed>
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>Subject: projection questions
>Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 00:28:37 -0500
>1) We'll be screening an experimental film (on film!) at a symposium, and
>we got a query from the maker asking if we wanted a print balanced for a
>xenon bulb or a tungsten bulb. I had never thought about this before, but
>obviously the two types of projectors have different CT. Is it common for
>prints to be made for both types of lamps? (I'd guess not...) When you
>rent a print from FMC, Canyon or MOMA, what CT is it most likely to have?
>(tungsten? something in between?) Assuming most prints are NOT balanced
>for Xenon, what do venues that run Xenon due to needing the brightness
>typically do? (just roll with it if the image is a bit too bluish???)
>2) Our campus has a couple auditoriums I'd like to set up for 16mm
>projector, but both have booths significantly higher than the screen, so
>the projectors have to point down, resulting in unacceptable keystoning
>with a std lens setup. I've been in theaters where the booth is high up.
>How do they dxeal with the keystoning. I'm guessing it's some kind of
>special optics that is hard to find and obscenely expensive... Is it
>projector/lens specific? or is there some device that fits all?
>thanks for any help...
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