Screening: NewCineworks

From: Sarah Muff (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 14 2006 - 11:07:18 PST

Screening Celebrates 25 years of Innovative and Independent Filmmaking

Wednesday March 22nd 8:00pm
Pacific Cinémathèque (1131 Howe St.) Vancouver, BC
Tickets $5.00 at the door, Filmmakers in Attendance

 A communist bookstore in Vancouver's Chinatown, Charlie Chaplin revisited,
Animals, Insects, not to mention Love, Memory and….Tap Dancing. Cineworks
Independent Filmmakers Society brings together its diverse membership for an
evening of thought-provoking, visually engaging and entertaining new films.
Expect everything from personal documentaries, romantic comedies,
speculative drama, film art, live music and editing.

Cineworks is pleased to be presenting the Vancouver premiere of edgecode:
experimental film initiative. Cineworks and Pacific and Yukon centre of the
National Film Board partnered to create edgecode, a compilation of five
short experimental films, the result of an open competition for new
experimental work using the classic medium of film. Compelling and
provocative, the films are far from the edges of convention. Each film plays
with the term "edge code" – whether it's the individual words, the meaning
or as a technical reference. The result is cutting-edge experimentation that
pushes the boundaries of the moving image medium.

The Films
edgecode: experimental film initiative (2005, 25 mins)
(Post) Modern Times, Brian Johnson
I thought of you often, Yun Lam Li
Sayonara Super 8, Pia Massie
Mechanical/Animal Memory, Amanda Dawn Christie
Underfoot, Alex Mackenzie

Comrade Dad, Karin Lee (2005, 26 mins.)

Peaceful Propaganda, A. Jonathan Benny ( 2005, 5 mins.)

Laundry, Julia Kwan (2005, 7 mins.)

One's Own Snore, Oliver Hockenhull (2005, 20 mins.)

Break a Leg Rosie, Tara Hungerford (2005 11mins.)

Good Times Vol. 1, Ken Hegan (2005, 3 mins.)

Total Running Time: 97 mins
Sarah Muff
Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society
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