Re: Documentaries/Other Films on Madness

From: Jonathan Kahana (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 12 2006 - 18:11:03 PST


I think the animated British PSAs that Adam was thinking of might be the
ANIMATED MINDS series by Andy Glynne (2003); they're quite stunning. Paul
Sharits comes, of course, immediately to mind; see what his son has to say
about his work and bi-polar disorder here:

I have to agree with Jason, by the way, about TARNATION: one learns
nothing about mental illness from that film other than that its victims
make for "interesting" documentary subjects. And anyway, Caouette's mother
is apparently a victim of the *treatment* of mental illness - if one can
call shock therapy treatment - as much as she is a person coping (or not)
with an illness. If only Caouette had limited himself to circulating those
great documents of obsolete home-video formats ...


> hello everyone,
> very long time, no write.
> i'm in pre-pro on an experimental doc that addresses bi-polar via 2
> artist/activists who live with this condition and advocate for people with
> bp and other related forms of madness.
> would appreciate any film/theoretical references anyone could offer that
> comes to mind.
> thanks, ken
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