Re: Documentaries/Other Films on Madness

From: william (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 00:48:33 PST

> I second the recommendatin for Landreth's "Ryan". Animation seems to
> have a unique ability to sensitively & expressively convey ideas about
> mental ill-health in ways that standard documentary forms can't.

   there's also a documentary about the making of landreth's "ryan". it
may even be better than "ryan" in some ways. if i remember correctly it
covers some things not discussed or left out of "ryan". it also shows
the reaction ryan larkin had to being shown "ryan" for the first time. i
forget the title and the name of the filmmakers who made it(i saw it at
the golden horse film festival last year as part of a program of
larkin's animated shorts), but i can probably dig that info up if you
need it.

            william in taipei.

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