Re: Entry Fee Rereredux, Exploitation, Hobbies

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 12 2006 - 14:51:43 PST

> I continue to think that it's of interest that the other two people
> who replied to me did so only to my personal gripe, not my larger
> point, and replied with what were arguably personal attacks, though
> not severe ones. That's been one of the problems here for a while. A
> months-ago post of mine about certain negative trends in recent
> filmmaking elicited the claim from Jack Sargent, one of my two
> responders ("attackers"?) in this thread, that I wasn't seeing new
> work and should be. This is false. I see and write about new work all
> the time. Sometimes I even like it. Sometimes I like it a lot. My Web
> site has some long reviews of new work from the past decade.
> Occasionally I even "curate" shows of new work, write on the shows,
> and introduce them personally. See
> and
> for two examples from last
> year. Several of these works were from artists in their early 20s.

I think the context I said this in was regarding the notion of a cannon
and your comments about student filmmakers being viewed as avant garde,
and your assumptions about respecting the cannon and young people
flying to NYC to see the cannon and so forth (see the post of 12/2/05).
I don't think I was attacking you, I view this list as a discussion and
sometimes it gets heated. As you continue to post statements here that
I disagree with I say so, why post if you don't want to debate this?

You also mention here that I was one of two "attackers" who picked up
on a "personal gripe" well, if it's a personal gripe why post it on a
discussion list? I figured that it was a comment that existed to be
discussed, not an aside. As a writer / curate / academic I figured it
was an area I have some considerable experience in. That's why I don't
post when people discuss film stock, it's not my area. But when you -
lets be honest - bitch about not being respected and so on by students
and academics who are circulating your work on photocopy in a classroom
situation, I feel it is something that should be addressed.

BTW ironically Chicago Filmmakers was a venue where I was made to feel


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