Re: Entry Fee Rereredux

From: jarrod whaley. (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 10 2006 - 15:45:57 PST

Jason Halprin wrote:
> One of the basic facts that exists for many A/G film and video makers
> (in the US and elsewhere, though not everywhere) is that they will
> never recoup the costs that are associated with their work, let alone
> turn it into a full-time profession. As such it is more accuratley
> described as a hobby, and hobbies are money-losing ventures.
Baloney. One might not accumulate riches on par with the Sultan of
Brunei, but many "underground" or "avant-garde" filmmakers can and do
scratch out a meager existence. It just takes a little creativity, and
the willingness to realize that good work doesn't have to cost a penny,
if necessary, to make.

I find this "hobby" business of yours very insulting. Dedicating one's
life and energy to an often financially unrewarding (but often
financially "livable") form of creativity is not on the same level of
engagement and/or social worth as collecting Star Wars action figures or
building model planes. Be careful with that glue, it's dangerous stuff,
you know.
> If you are against paying fees, look for free festivals. Or volunteer
> for one so that your labor may bring down the fees for that festival.
> Write the grant proposals, talk to donors, make press releases, pass
> out flyers, get on the radio, do whatever it takes. It is already
> difficult for most of us the share our work with people we don't
> personally know, so if festivals are not a necessity, they are a luxury
> I believe is worth paying for.
If you think it's worth paying for someone to potentially throw your
work away and never tell you, then go ahead. Wipe your ass with $100
bills, for all I care. I just happen to find Charmin to be much more
cost efficient, not to mention less irritating to my sensitive bits.

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